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Your Dream IT Career Trainers

Who've helped 1000's realize their dreams in 2014 & 15

Asokan Pichai

Expert Trainer

Software Development

5000+ Trainees and 300+ Trainers whom Asokan Pichai has trained, all swear by his unconventional training approach focused on problem solving and program design skills. He has designed more than 25 programming courses. And, takes special interest in training fresh software developers using his MBTI and EUM Certification.

Rohit Agarwal

Expert Trainer

Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning

Rohit Sir, as his trainees fondly call him is an Engineer whose passion is for numbers and in teaching. His trainees get a boost of enthusiasm attending his sessions and many of them have gone on to score perfect 100 in Quantitative and Reasoning. His Speed Math Sessions are particularly high in demand.


Expert Trainer

Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning

Gayathri is an avid learner and a passionate teacher. A rank holder in her masters and an Engineer by qualification, she started her teaching journey by helping her friends succeed in competitive exams. Subsequently she made it a career and in the last 6 years has helped over one lakh graduates get ready for placements.

Sylvia Fiona

Expert Trainer

English Language

Listen to her for a few minutes and she will show why English is not difficult to learn and practice. Sylvia is a combination of Energy, Expertise and Experience. Her highly engaging sessions have helped job seekers shun their inhibitions in English and helped them march confidently towards their goals.

Avipsa Panigrahi

Expert Trainer

English Language

Avipsa strongly believes that students can crack competitive exams when they know exactly how to apply their learning to score a mark while avoiding common errors. Her jargon-free and exam oriented teaching style makes her sessions easy to understand and highly engaging.

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