Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. This Program is offered by India's #1 Machine Learning Lab at IIIT-Hyderabad in association with TalentSprint.
  2. It is a fast-track and intense 14-weekend Program suitable for Working Professionals.
  3. Program is delivered in Hybrid format combining classroom and online learning.
  4. Unique 5-step learning process of Masterclass Lectures, Hands-on Labs, Mentorship, Hackathons and Workshops ensure fast-track learning.
  5. Led by collaborative Faculty from Academia, Industry and Global Bluechip Institutions.
  6. Advanced Certification by IIIT-H ML Lab
  7. Exceptional peer-group. 800 Professionals with an average of 7 years of experience, working with 250 leading companies are participating in this program.
  8. Competitive and affordable pricing from IIIT-H compared to other AI/ML programs.
  9. For more information, watch this video.

This Program was launched in January 2018. The first Cohort which completed in May 2018 had over 400 Participants. The next Cohort is underway in Bengaluru and Hyderabad with 400 more Participants, taking the total to 800.

  1. The Participants are from 250+ globally leading companies across several industries.
  2. 71% Participants have over 5 years of experience
  3. 18% Women Participants
  4. 44% from Startups and Small Companies
  5. 36% Developers, 26% Analysts, 20% Managers and 18% from Leadership Roles
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Participants have termed this a Transformation Program. The NPS (Net Promoter Score) has been exceptional. Here is the feedback from some of the participants in their own words.

    The Program is led by collaborative faculty from Academia, Industry and Global Bluechip Institutions.

  • Dr. C. V. Jawahar, Program Director and Lead Faculty
    Machine Learning Lab Head. Renowned Expert in Machine Learning and Optimization, Document Image Analysis, and Computer Vision Problems. Ph.D. from IIT Kharagpur.
  • Dr. Anoop Namboodiri, Lead Faculty
    Associate Professor at IIIT-H. Expert in Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Biometrics. Ph.D. from Michigan State University.
  • Asokan Pichai, Lead Faculty
    Senior Vice President at TalentSprint. Industry Instructor, Instructional Designer, and Programming Guru. Consults with FOSSEE at IIT Bombay on Python Courses.

Action Workshops by Guest Speakers

  • Sundar Srinivasan
  • Dr. Kingshuk Banerjee
  • Feroze Mohammed
  • Dr. Shailesh Kumar
  • Suman Reddy
  • Nikhil Rasiwasia
  • Ramesh Loganathan
  • Dr. Santanu Paul
  • Dr. Srikanth Sundararajan
  • Dr. Vadlamani Ravi

If you are keen to be part of the AI and Machine Learning revolution seeking to move into this disruptive space, want to position yourself for the high-end projects in your organisation or keen to build a disruptive startup, you will find this Program useful. This Program is best suited for IT and Technology Professionals with more than 1 year software development experience. See the profile of Participants in detail.

This Program is delivered through Masterclass Lectures, Hands-on Tutored Labs, Hackathons, Industry Workshops, Mentorship and Peer Learning. This format speeds up and enhances the learning.

For more information, watch this video.

Special Scholarships are available for:

  1. Women: To improve the gender ratio in the industry, we encourage more women to enroll into the program through this Scholarship.
  2. Youth : Anyone with upto 3 years of experience is entitled to Youth Scholarship. We encourage more youth to enroll for the program through this Scholarship.
  3. Startups: Anyone who joins the program from a startup community, is entitled to Startup Scholarship. We encourage more startups to get their employees enrolled for the program through this Scholarship.

For more info on Scholarship, watch this video.

Bengaluru Next Cohort: October 2018
Hyderabad Next Cohort: January 2019

Program Outcomes

  1. Ability to build and deploy AI/ML and Deep Learning applications at your workplace
  2. Advanced Certification by IIIT-H ML Lab
  3. Learn from the world class faculty and seasoned industry professionals
  4. Reinforce learning by applying concepts in industry relevant assignments and projects

No, this is an intensive Certification Program and no placement support will be offered.

This Program is not intended for freshers starting an IT career. It is to serve as an entry point for working professionals into the field of Machine Learning/AI roles.

Program Coverage

You will be able to build and deploy AI/ML and Deep Learning applications at your workplace. The content will be a mix of asynchronous Lectures and Workshops from industry leaders as well as world-renowned faculty.

The Program Format includes Masterclass Lectures, Hands-on Tutored Labs, Hackathons, Industry Workshops, Mentorship and Peer Learning.

General Schedule

  • The Program has been divided into 3 modules of 48 hours each
  • There will be two lecture sessions every alternate Saturday of 3 hours each
  • You will also have a lab workshop for 6 hours every weekend, of which 3 hours will be facilitated.
  • You will participate in Hackathon once a month and a seminar at the end of each module
Hyderabad Cohort Schedule for Sep 2018 Batch Bangalore Cohort Schedule for Oct 2018 Batch
  • Program Inauguration on 9 Sep 2018
  • Warm-up session on 15-16 Sep 2018
  • Dussehra weekend (20-21 Oct 2018) will be a review weekend. No attendance requirement.
  • Program Completion on 23 Dec 2018
  • Dates will be announced in a few days

While the strength for Lab Exercise will be limited to 50 Participants supported by a Mentor, Masterclass will have a maximum strength of 200 Participants.

Joining Process

The Program is intended for software professionals with at least a year of programming experience. The Program requires good grasp of mathematical concepts, specifically basic Linear Algebra, basics of Statistics and Probability, Calculus and Optimisation.

To know more about the Program prerequisites, watch this video.

Only working professionals with minimum 1 year of experience can apply for the Program. Once you have applied, our screening team will review your application and get back to you.

You have to be physically present at the location for the Masterclass and Labs respectively. So only if you can travel every weekend to Hyderabad or Bengaluru, will you be eligible for the Program.
Watch this video for more information in case you are from a different city.

Bengaluru Next Cohort: October 2018
Hyderabad Next Cohort: January 2019

You can join in 4 easy steps:

Program Fee

Bengaluru October 2018 Cohort Fee ₹2,00,000/-

Hyderabad January 2019 Cohort Fee ₹2,30,000/-

However, for Early Bird & other Offers, see details on this page.

Option 1: Own Sources (Net Banking / Credit Card / Debit Card / UPI)

Option 2: 0% EMI (3/6/9 EMIs on your Credit Card/Debit Card - Conditions Apply)

See details on this page

Program Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable, under any circumstances.

Yes. 0% EMI Option is available. 3/6/9 EMIs on your Credit Card/Debit Card. Conditions apply.

See details on this page.

There are Scholarships for Women, Youth and Startups. See details on this page

or watch this video.

A late fee is applicable for a delay in payment of balance fee:

Delay of up to 5 days - ₹3,000/-
Delay of 5-10 days - ₹5,000/-
Delay beyond 10 days - fee paid will be forfeited

Program Schedule

The Program will be conducted at 2 locations namely Bengaluru and Hyderabad. The locations for the lecture sessions are:

  1. Bengaluru: TalentSprint Center of Excellence, Don Bosco Campus, Near IIM Bengaluru 560 076
  2. Hyderabad: International Institute of Information Technology Gachibowli, Hyderabad 500 032

No, the Masterclass by IIIT-H Faculty are instructor-led sessions planned at mentioned locations. The Program also utilizes an LMS where additional material, videos, assignments, etc., will be hosted, which is online and can be accessed 24x7.

The lab sessions will be mentored by experienced AI, ML practitioners and researchers.

Yes, one can attend the Lab exercises from home depending on your degree of comfort with the planned exercises. IIIT-H ML Lab and TalentSprint will be providing mentors for assistance so you can opt to come over or work on your own.

In addition to weekend slots, additional lab times will be available from Monday to Friday between 18:00 hours - 20:00 hours. Mentors will also be available at these times.

It is recommended that one should not miss a class as 75% attendance is mandatory. In case it is unavoidable, one will have access to an unedited version of the video recording of the class in the LMS, by the end of the day. The edited version will be posted to the LMS by end of day on every Tuesday.

Being an intensive Program, it is not recommended to miss any lab session as 75% attendance is mandatory. In case a lab session is missed due to unavoidable circumstances, exercises are available on a cloud platform which can be accessed from home but facilitated lab sessions will not be available on the cloud platform so it is recommended to not miss any of these sessions.

The Program is planned to have continuous assessment. The final grade will be determined on the basis of the best 25 scores out of 40 assignments.

Yes, the Participants are required to carry their personal laptops. Exercises will be conducted on a cloud based platform.

You will have access to the LMS for a minimum period of 12 months from Program commencement.


There was a time when experience had a premium badge in the Tech Industry. Alas, that premium is eroding fast and has even become a hindrance. Traditional IT roles are declining as disruptive technologies like AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data are taking center stage. A career shift into these disruptive technologies is becoming a necessity for tech professionals.

Kohli Center on Intelligent Systems (KCIS) at IIIT-H was established in 2015 to give a fillip to research, teaching and entrepreneurship in the Broad Intelligent Systems Area. The Machine Learning Lab acts as an umbrella organization at the institute to both strengthen the existing groups and facilitate new activities in related areas. It also acts as a force multiplier in attracting projects and funding from the government and industry sectors, coordinating research in related domains across different IIIT-H centers, as well as in the institute's research collaboration with other academic institutions in the country.
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TalentSprint is a new-age digital platform to transform the lives of young and experienced professionals. Its hybrid bootcamps empower professionals with high end disruptive technologies. The AI-powered digital platform enables professionals to get ahead and stay ahead in a hypercompetitive world. Funded by Nexus Venture Partners and the National Skill Development Corporation, TalentSprint aims to empower ONE MILLION professionals by 2020.
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