"Artificial Intelligence is the New Electricity" ~ Andrew Ng

Tech giants are rapidly migrating to an AI-first world. The industry is getting disrupted. It is very obvious where tomorrow’s jobs are going to be. Upgrading your expertise in AI/ML is the best way to sustain your career growth and professional stability. In the words of famous Jack Trout, it is time to ‘differentiate or die’.


AI is the Next Industrial Revolution.

Wall Street Journal
Aug 3, 2017

Google has gone from two deep learning projects to 1000 today.

Sep 28, 2016

Tech giants have acquired 140 AI companies since 2011.

Observer Magazine
Apr 5, 2017

Just as consumer appliances have microprocessors, apps will have AI.

Jan 1, 2018

Machine learning drives almost everything at Amazon.

Jeff Bezos
Apr 12, 2017

AI is the most important technology on the planet today.

Dave Choplin
May 8, 2016

"A Breakthrough in Machine Learning will be Worth Ten Microsofts" ~ Bill Gates

Whether we are aware or not, every aspect of our life is touched by AI/ML applications like Shopping Assistants, Spam Filters, Home Automation, Chat Bots, Self Driving Cars, Surgical Bots, Robo Advisors, Algorithmic Trading, Robotic Process Automation, Speech Recognition, Real-time Language Translation, Computer Vision, Data Mining, and a whole lot more.

AI, ML and Deep Learning Constitute 60% of the Demand

Experience is losing its premium. With traditional IT job roles vanishing, Techies are turning to short-term Deep-learning courses to stay in the race.
~ Times of India

Program Highlights

Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning

  • 15 Weeks Hybrid Program

  • Weekend Contact Sessions

  • 24x7 Online Labs

  • Action Workshops by Industry Mentors

  • Programming Experience Required

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Program Outcomes
  • Ability to build and deploy AI/ML and Deep Learning applications at your workplace

  • Certificate by IIIT-H Machine Learning Lab

  • Learn from the best faculty and seasoned industry professionals

  • Reinforce learning by applying concepts in industry relevant assignments and projects

Program Launch

Open House

Learn from Leaders

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Dr. C. V. Jawahar
Program Director and Lead Faculty

Amazon Chair Professor at IIIT-H. Renowned Expert in Machine Learning and Optimization, Document Image Analysis, and Computer Vision Problems. Ph.D. from IIT Kharagpur.

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Dr. Anoop M. Namboodiri
Lead Faculty

Associate Professor at IIIT-H. Expert in Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Biometrics. Ph.D. from Michigan State University.

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Asokan Pichai
Lead Faculty

Senior Vice President at TalentSprint. Industry Instructor, Instructional Designer, and Programming Guru. Consults with FOSSEE at IIT Bombay on Python Courses.

Action Workshops by Guest Speakers

  • Sundar Srinivasan


  • Dr. Kingshuk Banerjee


  • Feroze Mohammed


  • Ramesh Loganathan


  • Dr. Santanu Paul


  • Nelle Varoquaux


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About IIIT Hyderabad Machine
Learning Lab

Kohli Center on Intelligent Systems (KCIS) was established at International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT Hyderabad) in 2015 with funding from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Foundation to give a fillip to research, teaching and entrepreneurship in the broad Intelligent Systems area.

The Machine Learning Lab acts as an umbrella organization at the institute to both strengthen the existing groups and facilitate new activities in related areas. It also acts as a force multiplier in attracting projects and funding from other entities in the government and industry sectors, coordinate research in related domains across different centers of IIIT Hyderabad, as well as in the institute’s research collaboration with other academic institutions in the country.