Gear up for Bank Exams with ‘Prepare – Practice – Revise’ Strategy

The top-most bank exams of the year, IBPS PO and SBI Associate Bank PO are due in the months of October and November. With very little time left for preparation, aspirants are getting ready to create a ‘success regime’ for their preparation. The syllabus is too vast and the time too less. To be exam-ready is a difficult task but not impossible. With proper planning, concentration and willpower, success is just a strategic plan away from you.

To make the remaining days fruitful, planning is the first thing you should do. Studying without a proper plan is like a wild goose chase, running haywire with insufficient knowledge in each section. So, it is important to create a full-fledged strategy for your preparation. We are advising an optimal study plan called ‘Weekly Preparation Plan’, in the view of time available.

The main approaches in studies include:

  • Preparation: You learn a topic which includes the concept, formulae, variety of questions, shortcuts. Sources of learning can be online material, printed books or video lessons
  • Practice: You apply the concept you’ve learnt. Practice can be in the form of practice sets available in study material, previous years’ question papers, online mock tests
  • Revision: You revise the concepts covering both the steps above

The cycle of our Study Plan goes as below (PPR):

The number of study hours should be divided between the PPR and in the order given below:

Preparation < Practice < Revision 

How to create a Weekly Preparation plan:
  • Create a weekly tabular calendar on a soft board or on a sheet of paper (they must be reusable)
  • Make the table clearly visible with sufficient space provided
  • Fill the first column with days in a week starting from Monday
  • Fill the headings of columns with timings
  • To fill in the time table, follow the below format.
              Assign numbers to PPR: Preparation-1, Practice-2, and Revision-3  
              The topics included in the exams are:

                     Quantitative Aptitude (QA)
                     General Awareness (GA)

  • So, in each row write the subject followed by any one of the PPR. For instance to ‘practice’ Computers, you need to fill in as Computers 2
  • Add the last column to indicate any incomplete tasks
  • Refresh the plan every week – Keep moving a row up every week. If the below calendar is for Week 1, your Week 2 calendar will start with Quant and GA (row 3) and week 3 will start with Computers, Marketing and GA (row 4)
  • On Sundays, keep revising the topics you prepared throughout the week    

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The preparation timetable provided above is designed in such a way that it is applicable to everyone. Extra emphasis is put on Reasoning and Quant as they are considered the most difficult sections in the exam. And at the same the mark-scoring sections like English, Computers, General Awareness and Marketing are provided with sufficient number of hours. Tips to personalize your plan:
  • Depending on the exam you’re attempting you can add or remove the subjects. For example, while studying for SBI Associates PO exam you focus only on Data Analysis and Interpretation, ignoring all other topics in Quant.
  • After analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, you can increase or decrease the number of study hours for a particular subject
  • Some can concentrate best in the early morning while some are night owls. So, accordingly you can shift your study timings
  • While some people can concentrate 8 hours a day and others can go beyond 10 hours. For the former kind, include equal number of study hours even on Sunday and for latter you can go ahead with the above strategy
Nothing is impossible. With the right tool now in your hands, go start your preparation now. All the best!

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