Top 10 Skills you need to be a good Java Developer

Java Development or Java Programming career involves high level of programming knowledge and long hard working hours. Java professionals are recruited in organizations where Information Technology plays a major role, especially companies that deal with website development, database designing, software testing, cell phone programming, internet or intranet designing etc.

Here are the 10 things you can do to become a sought-after Java Programmer:

  1. Keep coding: To begin with, learn the basics. Go through a tutorial, do the exercises, and as you go through the lessons, try writing a code. While writing, make sure you understand each line. Write code on paper which has a good chance of compiling. Write/copy-paste same piece of code/configuration again and again. Keeping configuration snippets like, jdbc configuration etc. and utilities like StringUtils, ReflectionUtils, DBUtils – these are always helpful.
  2. Build a strong foundation in OOPS:  For a Java Developer having strong understanding of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is a must. Without having a strong foundation on OOPS, one can’t realize the beauty of an Object Oriented Programming language like Java.
  3. Practice, practice, practice and follow technology trends: Look out for new framework and stay updated. Write a simple client server TCP service such as chat or read up on Design Patterns and try to use them. You can learn when they help and don’t help. Study the source code of various successful, popular frameworks where you can see the internal working mechanism of the framework and lot of best practices.
  4. Keep solving problems:  All software is designed to solve some user problem and a wide array of smaller problems that make it up. As a good Java developer you should understand the class loading process and how it works, have an understanding of garbage collection, when is it triggered and even know how to minimize it. Know when to use design patterns such as Singleton, Factory, Fly-weight, Builder, Object Pool, Iterator, Strategy, Visitor and Composite.
  5. Master the core APIs: You may be strong in theoretical knowledge, but one should have very strong hands on experience on core APIs like java.lang.*, I/O, Exceptions, etc. And when it comes to Web application development, no matter which framework you are using, having strong knowledge on Servlets, JSPs is a must.
  6. Participate in conversations: When you start working on a new technology the best and first thing to do is, subscribing to technology forums. Whatever the issue you are facing, someone else might have already faced it earlier and might have found the solution. Follow good blogs and respond/comment on posts with your opinion. Enthusiastic technology freaks share different perspectives of same technology on blogs.
  7. Display an ability to deal with people: Beside technological skills, a Java developer should possess a set of personality traits. As a software developer you should be able to effectively deal with other developers, managers, and even customers.
  8. Possess excellent written and communication skills: As a good Java Developer you should build upon research and analytical skills, problem solving and lateral thinking ability to challenge, conceptualize, and recommend simpler, improved, and alternative solution(s) within your team. After all, you need to deliver results.
  9. Reflect your leadership skills: Being a good leader, listener and mentor with ability to provide advice and feedback, share knowledge, face challenges, handle pressure, and admit mistakes.
  10. Keep going: There is always something to learn. Never stop reading. Create a personal brand for yourself and build a reputation for yourself in the industry. Take part in software and architectural development activities. Set aside time to practice your skills and to write code and build things. 
There is no such magic or a quick fix that can make one a good Java Developer. The basic thing to do is to follow a step-by-step method to reach a point of proficiency, and one day you will be there, as a good developer.
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Julie Ellis

I don't agree with the paragraph 8. A good programmer should focus on technical skills, and different writings he can provide to and do not waste precious time. People need to develop their strengths and not weaknesses.


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Sonakshi Patel

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murali karthik

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Alex Villone

Nice post. All the 10 points are excellent.
I would like to add 11th point.
If you have database design skills. You will be better Java Developer.
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