The Success Story of Sravani Gangarapu

TalentSprint enabled a young graduate from a conservative background to become self-reliant and live her life on her own terms and helped her fulfil her dream of becoming an IT Professional in an MNC.

Sravani, a 22 year old, was born and brought up in the conservative town of Thirupati. Her father is a farmer and her mother is a home maker. Sravani always wanted to break the age old norms of society where women are “supposed” to be dependent and confined to their homes. She had decided early on to lead by example and carve a path for her sister where they have would be able to live life their way and not have to be restricted to these notions.

Sravani took up the Science stream and worked hard to score a distinction. She then decided to look out for opportunities in Global IT Giants. Its then that she encountered the problems of skill shortage in Technology. With limited exposure available in home town, she was not equipped to face the entrance tests posed by the MNCs. Her skill gap would take her back to the life she did not intend to pursue.

Sravani completed her graduation and then chose TalentSprint as her mentor. She moved to Hyderabad and was counselled by the expert support team to enroll in the Testing Program Course that was in demand. Sravani graduated from her college in 2014, June and became well versed with Testing Tools and Technology within a short span of 2 months. She was trained in a simulated environment with Industry Test Cases. She participated in around 6 mock interviews that built her confidence up, in facing the HR rounds.

Within 2 months Sravani was ready to face the Placement Drives. She attended her first drive by CapGemini in October and got placed in its Chennai Office. Sravani is now a self-sufficient individual and has done her family proud. Being a farmer’s daughter she was always hard working and strong willed, and TalentSprint provided her a platform that shaped her skills in the right manner and give her access to the opportunities where these skill set were required.

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