3 reasons to focus on Idioms & Phrases for your Exam

3 reasons to focus on Idioms & Phrases for
your Exam
exam - 3 reasons to focus on Idioms & Phrases for your Exam            Have
you caught yourself not following someone in their conversation cos they said
something like “Cat got your tongue” uh! and you’re wondering why is
he or she saying strange things right in the middle of their conversation.
Well, my friend that’s an idiom right there which means ” Why are you not
saying anything”. What an awkward situation to be in when a response is
expected out of you and you’re merely standing, not understanding the
expression at all.
Idioms can be tricky as they have a
hidden meaning. The individual words in the phrase give a completely different
meaning than the combined phrase.
For e.g. the idiom “Break a leg”.
The literal meaning is that I’m asking you to break your leg where you’ll end
up with a cast on your leg however the idiomatic meaning is ‘Do your best and
good luck’ , so you see that Idioms are expressions that don’t mean exactly the
way they are stated.
Here, we will discover 3 reasons how knowledge
on Idioms & Phrases can actually help us score better in our exam.
Reason 1: It aids in understanding
context quickly. 
For e.g. You have an idiomatic phrase
in a reading comprehension or theme detection passage, you recognize it, you
recollect meaning and understand what the context is trying to convey.  Eases tension and is definitely a time saver.
Reason 2: You have a separate question
pattern on Idioms and phrases for either 5 or 10 whole marks in your exam
Sometimes  the idiom appears within a context which is
relatively easier compared to when it appears as a standalone question where
you’ll have to identify the right option that conveys the correct meaning
without any background assisting you. Either way it pays to know what that
idiom means.

Reason 3: Knowledge on idiom improves
your comprehension skills and your communication skills.  
As we saw in the beginning, when
someone uses an idiomatic expression in their speech you are able to follow and
react appropriately. The same applies while reading ,you understand the context
in its entirety. Using idioms while speaking and writing reflects on your
communication skills. It adds richness and variety projecting you as someone
who has good command over the English language.
So, now you know why you need to get
familiar with as many idioms & phrases as possible.  Learn more to score more both while writing
and speaking.
All the Best! 
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Thank you James. Happy Learning!

Sylvia Fiona J

Thank you James. Happy Learning!

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