CTET Februrary 2016 Focus: Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence

Today, we are going to discuss few questions on the CTET topic Howard Gardener’s Theory Of Multiple Intelligence. Every year, we have seen two-three questions on Howard Gardner Theory of Multiple Intelligence in both Paper I and Paper II
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We are not going into details of what is multiple intelligence but focus on two questions that appeared in the recent exams.

Have a look at the question below from CTET September 2015 Paper I:

The class teacher observed Raghav in her class playing melodious self-composed music on his keyboard. The class teacher thought that Raghav seemed to be high in ____________ intelligence.

(a) spatial
(b) body-kinesthatic
(c) musical
(d) linguistic

The question is asking to identify the type of intelligence based on a specific case of Raghav. Since Raghav can do self-compositions in music, he is definitely high on musical intelligence. 
This was a simple one. Let’s look at a question with a higher rigor from CTET February 2015 Paper:
According to Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence, the factor that would contribute most for being a ‘self -aware’ individual would be

(a) Musical
(b) Spriritual
(c) Lingusitic
(d) Intrapersonal

Self-Awareness can be built by many factors, even by being musical and linguistic. But the question is specifically asking about a factor that would contribute most. 
For answering this question you need to know all kinds of 8 intelligences proposed by Gardener. And also if you understand the word “intrapersonal”, you can guess the answer. According to Gardeners, below is the characteristics of “Intrapersonal Intelligence” –
People who have high intrapersonal intelligence are 
aware of their emotions, motivations, beliefs, and goals.
– unanswere
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