Is there a standard book for CTET Preparation?

The syllabus of CTET is very vast. It has been picked from B.Ed, B.El.Ed and D.Ed (Diploma)  syllabus which makes it very difficult to be covered by one book. Our team of experts have looked through several books in the market and found that all books cover different material. Therefore, there is no standard book that we found which covers the material correctly, in fact, they confuse the test taker with lot of theoretical concepts.
Other point to note is that in last exams from 2010 to the recently concluded Feb 2016 exam, there is no pattern of a question asked from a particular topic. Nothing gets repeated, nothing is more important than the other. The best way to prepare is to prepare for every topic well with hard work and dedication.
We recently published analysis of all CTET Feb 2016 Test papers which shows which are the most frequently tested topic. You can read our analsis at The hottest topics of CTET Feb 2016 Paper I and Paper II
We tried to pick the best CTET Books available in market and found that none of the books covered all the topics well from the context of the exam. There is no standard way except the CTET previous years questions themselves.
Our strategy for you – Read the topic from any book or even online. Get the previous year papers downloaded and practice from them.
Our offering – We have designed a program which does just that. In a fun filled way, we will teach you a topic with 3-4 videos of 5 mins each, we will give you all the questions that have come on that topic in all previous CTET Papers. And there you go! Check out 
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