The Two Secrets of Karthik Suresh Becoming a Bank Officer

Secrets of Karthik Suresh Becoming a Bank Officer

Indian PSU Banks provide an excellent opportunity for graduates. It is estimated that more than 7.5 lakh freshers will be recruited by Indian PSU Banks over the next few years. While the jobs are aplenty, the competition is equally high and banks exams are quite tough. If numbers are to be believed then success rate is only 1.5 percent which means that less than 2 out of 100 aspirants that take the bank exam actually get a job.  Hence, it is extremely necessary that the aspirants prepare and study well for the bank exams as that is the main key to a bright future ahead.

“In addition to studying well and hard work, proper guidance in terms of professional coaching is also needed to increase the chances of success,” says Karthik Pathivada who is presently working as a Probationary Officer at SBI. He adds, “It is for the same reason as above that I enrolled for TalentSprint Training Program. My mentors at TalentSprint did their best and helped me a lot in my preparation. I used to study the material supplied by them, for 3-4 hours daily. In addition, I studied from the internet and books available in the market.”

Hardwork is the key

Sharing the key to his success, Karthik avers, “There is no substitute to hardwork. You will have to work day and night to achieve your goal. Being an average student, I had nothing to rely on except my hard work and dedication. Hardwork along with proper guidance became the game changers in my life.” Karthik suggests the same to all the other aspirants. He urges them to be focussed and take help of professional institutes like TalentSprint to crack through some of the toughest exams.

Other than hard work, dedication is also needed. One needs to focus on the weak areas and practice a lot. Apart from dedication, the other most important thing that is needed is a strong will and the desire to do the task at hand. Like in most things of life, success is ensured, if you enjoy what you are doing. It goes without saying that bank exams preparation is an arduous task and those who enjoy working hard for it reap the fruits in future. So, you need to put in your hard work with your heart and see how the whole world will work towards making your dream come true.

Expert guidance matters

On being asked about how TalentSprint helped in his preparation, he notes, “I found the faculty as well as the TalentSprint Training Program to be very good. I especially liked Rohit Sir’s classes. They gave me all the guidance and the required help. The guide who taught me general awareness was no less. Her method of teaching was interesting and easy. The best part about these teachers and Institute was that you could clear your doubts in the LIVE Doubt Clarification sessions. They never turned down any request. What more? The Institute also provided me with the right reading material and tips and tricks to study well. So, if you are one of those looking for professional guidance for bank exams preparation, then TalentSprint should be your first choice.”


The Two Secrets of Karthik Suresh Becoming a Bank Officer

The Two Secrets of Karthik Suresh Becoming a Bank Officer

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