Understanding the CTET and TET exam syllabus

The most common question asked about CTET and STET is “what is the syllabus”? Secondaly, Is it any different for CTET and State TETs. The answer is No

The only difference could be that while you have a choice to choose your first language in State TET exam (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada etc), the second language will always be English. This is true for Central TET as well.

The syllabus of CTET is vast. If you are new to CTET, the first thing you have to know is that CTET and State TET exam and syllabus is organized in the following way:

Instead of English and Hindi you can choose Hindi and English also. Language I is always tested at higher rigor than Language II. For example – while filling up your application, you have marked the following:

Language I – English
Language II – Hindi

and your friend marked the following –
Language I – Hindi
Language II – English

Your English paper will be tougher than your friend’s English paper.and her Hindi paper will be tougher than your Hindi paper. So, whichever language you are more comfortable with, choose that as your first language.


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Oliver Richmond

Thank you so much for sharing this. It really helped me a lot. I am now seeking for a good job and I think I could not find best professional resume writers. I am also preparing for CTET and this article is helped me a lot.


Sir i want to take part in the examination of tet 1. please inform me about the exam date. i want to know more about TET 1 Exam Date of year 2017 18.