A Crystal Clear Way to Understand Blood Relations for SBI Clerks Exam

Blood Relations for SBI Clerks Exam

This video presentation by Rohit Agarwal is an eye-opener into the subject matter of blood relationships in the context of answering the questions on the same in SBI PO/Clerk exams.  The topic seems, at first glance, mundane and leaves you wondering about the need for professional instructions. But, sample this problem.

Richa is the only daughter of Arjun’s father’s wife’s mother-in-law’s daughter’s only brother. How is Arjun related to Richa?

These are the kind of convoluted statements that career builders will be confronted with in the competitive examinations that are to be cracked prior to beginning a banking career.

The video simplifies the resolution of such problems.  Essentially, the video reduces relationships to two broad spectra – ancestral and through marriage.

It also introduces students to terms such as ‘siblings’ – children of the same biological parents, ‘spouse’ to refer to the partner in a marital relationship, etc.

In fact, the video travels beyond the scope of the curriculum to even advise learners to refrain from using terms such as cousin-brother or cousin-sister which are not an accepted part of the defined relationship structure. These are the kind of add-ons that make the inputs from these videos unique and comprehensive. To view the video that will help you score well in your SBI PO exam click here.

The expert advice of Rohit Agarwal is to reduce relationship problems to just two dimensions – gender and generational difference. Together, with the system of notations and interpretation of symbols, the learner is equipped to solve relationship problems in bidirectional mode – given the key – from a described relationship to selection of the applicable equation that defines the relationship and from a given equation to selection of the appropriate relationship that satisfies the equation in conformity with the defined key.

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And just how is Arjun related to Richa?  Once you are armed with the knowledge delivered by the video, it’s a piece of cake. Arjun is Richa’s brother. How? Watch this video now


A Crystal Clear Way to Understand Blood Relations for SBI Clerks Exam

Solve the relationship questions easily with this video from Rohit Agarwal.

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