Online Recruitment Plan for Government Jobs

Online Recruitment Plan for Government Jobs

Let’s do a reality check! Even if many candidates yearn to acquire stable Government jobs in the country, most of them like to stay away from interacting with the Government officials as far as possible. Well, few may call it pessimism but it is a reality. This behaviour of candidates has arisen from the fact that they have to often face many problems like standing in queues for all sorts of things, from buying a job application form until final selection.

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Putting an end to this, the Central Government is trying to put a system in place wherein candidates will be able to complete the entire recruitment process online, of course barring the exercise of appearing in a written test. The online recruitment plan is supposed to relieve woes of thousands of Government job seekers. The move is in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India programme.

Termed as ‘Faceless, Paperless and Cashless’ experience, this proposal will allow Government job seekers to avoid face-to-face interaction with Government officials from the stage of applying till joining the job.

How will it work?

As per the online recruitment proposal, all the Government vacancies will be put up on a common portal and applications will be invited online. Through e-Sign (an online electronic signature service that enables an Aadhaar card holder to digitally sign a document), applicants would be able to certify their applications. This directly means that the need of physically signing the application forms and queuing up at the offices to submit them would be done away with easily, thereby saving the crucial time of the candidates.

Not only this, the new system will also allow payment of exam fee online through a Universal Payment Interface. Also, candidates would be able to upload their certificates into a digital locker, which would allow the Government to access these documents online easily. Further, the provisional appointment letters e-Signed by Government officials will also be sent online only to the selected candidates.

Last but not the least; the proposal also intends to make the last stage of joining the job easier. It is seen that in many cases, police verification of the candidates takes three to six months and on most occasions, candidates have to pay bribes to get the process fast-tracked. This would also be done away with as it is proposed that the successful candidates would be allowed to join the job immediately on submitting an e-Signed online self-declaration of having no criminal history. However, the appointment would be held provisional, until the results of a time-bound police verification exercise come in.

To put this proposal into action and implementation of the plan, Secretaries in the Ministry of Personnel are doing a weekly review of the recommendations of the group of Secretaries.

It is to be noted that the Centre has already allowed candidates to submit self-attested certificates, moving away from the earlier system that required attestation by gazetted officers. What more? Since the beginning of this year, the Centre has also done away with personal interviews for all junior Group B and all Group C and D level posts that form the bulk of Government recruitments and kept it limited to senior level Group B posts and all Group A posts.

Well, it goes without saying that the Central Government is taking all the possible steps to make the life of Government job seekers easier. Now, it is up to the candidates to make the most of this facility. They should not leave any stone unturned in their preparation. For more details on how you can apply and also prepare for the exams, you can take the help of Institutes like TalentSprint and maximise your chances of landing a good Government job.

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Online Recruitment Plan for Government Jobs

In order to make the life of Government job seekers easier, an online recruitment plan is being worked upon by the Central Government.

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