5 Tips to Overcome the Fear of Maths

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Right from the student days, we nurture a tendency that if we fail at a particular subject then our brain is not meant for that subject. We tend to move away from the subjects that we find difficult to grasp.

And mathematics is one of the most dreaded subjects for students and adults alike. And since maths forms one of the essential subjects in any competitive exam, like Bank exams, MBA exams or any other entrance exams to reputed Institutions, a good grip on the subject will always help you move forward with confidence. You will obviously feel low in confidence if you have not paid enough attention to basic mathematics during your school days. So there is, in fact, a basis for this fear of maths.

The good news is that every brain is equally capable of solving the maths and maths-based puzzles. Here we will give you some of the important tips that will help you improve your problem-solving capacity using mathematics.

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A wrong solution is better than no solution

When you are solving the problem in a group most of the people are afraid of getting a wrong answer. People consider arriving at wrong answers to be shameful and demeaning. You should think about this in a different way. A wrong answer is better than no answer. It will help you start moving towards a solution and help you make the right assumptions later.

Change your attitude

We have seen people who find calculations in mathematics boring and time consuming. But if you start taking mathematics as a challenge, solving a complex mathematical problem will become fun for you. And once you start finding initial success, keep with it, to keep the interest going.

Use shortcuts wherever required

Many people have a habit of cramming formulas to solve the mathematical problems, which is wrong. In competitive exams, speed is as important as accuracy. That is why we at TalentSprint developed speed maths techniques. One of our extremely popular videos on shortcut techniques on Mathematics and Quantitative problems can be accessed here https://www.youtube.com/user/TSBankersChoice

Work on the easier problems first

Start with the ones which you feel are easier and then slowly move towards the tougher ones. This will build your confidence in solving problems.

Take the right guidance

It is a well-known fact now that every professor or teacher is not suited for teaching maths. Within your group, there could be someone who can suit your style of learning and teach you maths accordingly.

Frequent practice

Frequently working on your maths gives you a better chance at handling the problems you are given. It also helps you learn new and easier methods of tackling problems hence giving you upper hand during the exam.

Another advantage of frequent practice is that it familiarizes you with a wide range of questions hence giving you a greater advantage of handling these sorts of problems.

At TalentSprint, we recognise this difficulty of the students and therefore have evolved shortcut techniques which can be easily used by anyone in competitive exams. And since it is available both online and offline, you can start your journey here

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