How to Prepare for SBI PO in 30 Days

Preparation tips for SBI PO Exam

The French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, is reputed to have said, “Impossible is a word in the dictionary of fools”, and it is with this fearless attitude that you must approach the task of readying yourself to successfully crack the SBI PO exams.

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Be Positive

Thinking about the available time as too little, against the determination to do your best, is a negative mindset.
30 days is a lot of time. Balancing that time and allotting it tactfully for preparation (6 hrs approx) and practice (2 hrs approx) daily, is the key to cracking SBI PO the smart way. Invest this time in acquiring knowledge and honing skills to get better results.
Channelize your efforts and focus on the goal, a lucrative job in SBI. During the time left, push yourself to go the extra mile in order to reach your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Irrespective of your academic background and aptitude, the key to exam success most definitely is preparation. Start preparing sooner and smarter with India’s leading short term test prep program from TalentSprint tailor-made for last minute preparation.
Utilise the available test prep material to your advantage : live classes, study material, and video lessons across all sections of the SBI PO Prelims exam. Tune into every video session, read diligently through your study material and practice religiously.
From day 1 , start solving topic tests and section tests that are made available on the platform.

Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Keep track of the scores achieved in topic and section tests. You will be able to identify your areas of strength, and those that need fine-tuning.
Once you have spotted your strengths, allocate relatively less time for those sections on the ‘all-important‘ day and reserve more time for other problem areas.

Practice all the way

Start attempting one full-length test every week on ‘real time’ basis in the actual exam format with TalentSprint’s learning and test prep platform. On other days, keep practicing on your weaker areas.
To know how you can solve problems using shortcut-speed maths techniques in order to save time in exam, go through the online videos of Mr.Rohit Agarwal on YouTube at
From compound interest to averages, he covers a vast range of topics imperative to clearing the Quantitative Aptitude exam section. Rohit Agarwal is India’s Numero Uno trainer who has coached thousands of students, at TalentSprint, to succeed in Bank exams.
Increase the frequency of attempting full-length tests to two per week, moving forward. By the time exam date arrives, you will be well prepared to solve most of the objective problems and questions for the SBI PO exams.
In addition, don’t miss watching Sylvia Fiona’s videos on solving English related problems in the exam at 
From spotting errors to solving close passages, she trains you in numerous techniques that help in dealing with English easily and swiftly.
On discovering issues you feel strongly about, practice writing letters on those subjects, for the ‘Reader’s Column’ of the newspaper.
Identify articles on subjects of your interest and attempt to reduce the word count to 40 per cent of the original article. Attempt to get an honest feedback from those proficient in the English language. This can help you improve your descriptive English skills. 


A well thought out strategy alongside sufficient hard work and dedication always fetches rich dividends, always.
30 days of all of this combined with academic, practical and insightful inputs from expert faculty at TalentSprint will culminate in a superlative performance by you on the exam day to mark a turning point for life.

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