3 Sure-Shot Ways to Leave Your Competition Far Behind in IBPS 2016

IBPS 2016

Since the IBPS PO notification dates were announced; aspirants have started their preparations in full swing. While aspirants are not leaving any stone unturned in their preparation, there are certain non-negotiable aspects of preparation that they should focus on. These 3 things, if followed with dedication and maturity are sure to leave your competition far behind.

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1. Proper planning for the exams:

  • Know your syllabus and plan your timetable of study efficiently during the preparation stage.  
  • Include as much time as possible for taking mock tests. Time your mock tests and attempt them as if they were final exams.
  • Every mock test reveals your area of weakness. Work on improving scores in these areas in the next mock test. Continuous improvement is the hallmark of successful candidates.
  • Learn shortcut techniques to speed-up the pace of attempting the questions.
  • Keep enough time for quick revision.
  • Your plan should not only include the time for study but also for rest, play, eating and even sleeping.
  • Read a newspaper daily. This will prepare you for the General Awareness section. Catch up on a weekly magazine too, preferably a business magazine focusing on the Banking sector.

2. Proper time management:

  • Recognise your strongest zone and attempt questions from that section first with speed and accuracy.
  • Solve questions from English, General Awareness and Computer section first, as they consume the least time.
  • Never divide equal time for each section. Spend more time on Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude section because these two sections consume maximum time.
  • Leave the question and move ahead if you don’t know how to attempt. Don’t waste too much time on any particular part or a problem. 
  • Never start with an idealist goal of answering all the questions. But you must definitely attempt all questions. There is a fine line of difference between the two. Attempting all questions indicates proper management of time.
  • Mock tests give the best opportunity to learn time management. Keep a stopwatch and finish the exam at the right time and analyse your areas of weakness and start focusing on those critical areas.
  • Create or join a group of like-minded people with whom you can share your learnings and also in-turn learn things that  you could not have learnt alone.
  • Get expert guidance: All said and done, you need an expert guide who can tell you the exact ways of preparation. If coaching classes are far away, try online classes from the likes of TalentSprint, who have decades of experience in guiding thousands of students to success in banking exams.

3. Being patient:

  • Keep your cool during the preparation stage. Maintain your health in its peak condition. Gym / Yoga/ Running / Walking / Playing your favourite games. Do anything that keeps you physically active and healthy.
  • Never ignore diet and sleep: Don’t suffer from anxiety. Ensure you eat healthy at the right time and take sufficient sleep. Proper sleep helps in memory retention and that, in turn, gives more confidence in the exam.
  • Do not panic while answering the questions. You may fail to solve even the easier problems if you panic.
  • Breathe easy and solve each question based on its merit, not randomly.
  • Be patient while rechecking your answers in the question paper and do not be in a hurry to get over the exam as soon as possible.
To learn the art of time management, proper planning and studying, you can take the help of professional institutes like TalentSprint. They have an impressive list of national level coaches like Rohit Agarwal and Sylvia Fiona who can make all the difference to your IBPS Exam preparation.

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