4 Key Areas to be Focused Upon in IBPS

For the past few years, the number of applications for IBPS Clerk Exam has increased drastically and so has the competition. Now, with the cancellation of interviews in the selection process from this year, the focus to score well in the Exam has increased all the more. So, we highlight the 4 areas that you should focus upon to exploit this opportunity to score some extra marks in IBPS CWE Clerk Exam.

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  • Improving your speed: Speed plays an important part when it comes to competitive exams like IBPS CWE Clerk Exam. So, for increasing speed, candidates should keep a stopwatch with them while solving previous year’s question papers or giving mock tests and fix the time for each section. During the exam, candidates need to ensure that they go through all the questions of the section at least once and do not get stuck with one problem as it might reduce their speed. In order to increase speed, candidates should quickly solve easier questions first and mark the tough ones for last. However, this is not applicable to everyone. One should develop the rhythm of solving the paper applying both intuition and logic.  
  • Learning various techniques required for succeeding in competitive exams: Ever wondered what successful students do that others don’t and what is the secret behind their success? Well, the difference between a winner and others is that others know how to answer the question but winners know how to answer the questions in a smart way. Hence, candidates need to learn the various techniques and smart ways/ best shortcuts for answering some of the toughest questions in the IBPS CWE Clerk Exam. These techniques can not only help them in solving the questions but also increase their speed. You can check out Rohit Agarwal’s speed maths techniques and other videos here. He can help you solve fast and smart. https://www.youtube.com/user/TSBankersChoice
  • Practice, Practice, and more practice: Practice is the key to success in all the competitive exams and IBPS CWE Clerk Exam is no exception. Hence, candidates should make it a habit to practice questions from each section regularly. The more they practice, the more will be the understanding of the subject. Candidates should also give as many mock tests as they can, so as to know the difficulty level of the exam and thus, practice accordingly. They should practice previous year’s question papers and sample papers as well. While practicing, every right answer will develop more confidence in the candidate whereas the wrong answer will make him/her realize about his loopholes and suggest areas of improvement.
  • Taking professional help for all the 3 above: No doubt that speed, various techniques, tips and tricks, practice and hard work are absolutely necessary for cracking IBPS CWE Clerk Exam, but that is not all. Proper guidance in terms of professional coaching is also needed to increase the chances of success.
Expert trainers at Institutes like TalentSprint can help the aspirants in increasing their speed, learning smart ways of solving questions and practicing and getting those additional marks in IBPS CWE Clerk Exam which can make a huge difference as the competition is very high and every mark matters.

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I am trying to concentrate on this 4 areas


Hello Sir,
Thanks for giving the informative blog. I just want to ask that i am in last semester, whether i am eligible for ssc cgl 2017 exam or not.