5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in CTET Exam Prep

CTET preparation

On 18th September 2016, over 5 lakh people will write Central Teacher Eligibility Tests. The statistics says that over 4,50,000 will not qualify the exam. The exam requires aggressive preparation. In this article, I am sharing with you five common mistakes to avoid when you are preparing for CTET exam.

  1. Don’t study without a study plan –

    CTET syllabus is vast. There are 5 sections each for Paper I and Paper II. If you are appearing for both papers on 18th Sep, you would need to prepare at least 8 sections. At TalentSprint, we have created sample study plans for CTET aspirants. You can take their help to create a study plan for yourself.

  2. Don’t underestimate Child Development and Pedagogy section –

    CTET Aspirants think that since the weightage of Child Development and Pedagogy is 30 marks, they don’t need to work hard on this section. Well, if you are doing that, you will make a big mistake. CDP is the most difficult section of the exam and you should allocate major chunk of your study time in this section. The truth is if you ace Child Development and Pedagogy section, you will be able to ace the other Pedagogy of other subjects relatively easily too. At TalentSprint, we have created over 9 courses on this section. Our team of experts highly recommend spending maximum prep time on this section.

  3. Don’t overlook CTET Previous Years Papers –

    Previous Years Papers for any exam are key to cracking the exam. Although the questions are not repeated but by going through those questions, you would understand the mindset of makers of the test. For CTET preparation, we highly recommend going through previous years papers. You will know what kind of options in multiple-choice questions are given to confuse you, what kind of understanding you need to reach for every topic and how important is each topic. You can solve all CTET  previous year papers by joining our free trial program on www.talentsprint.com/ctet and also read explanations and solutions to some of the toughest questions that have been asked in the test on our YouTube Channel

  4. Regularly practice CTET Full Length Tests –

    Practice! Practice and Practice! To ace the test, perfect practice is the key. In case of CTET, perfect practice is possible only if you write weekly mock tests and analyze your strong and weak areas. Most importantly, to have focus for 2.5 hours on exam day continuously, you need to train your mind before the exam. The best method to train your mind for continuous focus is full-length mock tests. You can find mock tests easily on any CTET book available in the market or you can also write TalentSprint’s All India CTET Mock Tests every week for free. You will get free analysis for the weekly tests and also your All India Rank. Check out our course on www.talentsprint.com/ctet

  5. Remember Keywords of Important Theories –

    Do you know the meaning of the words animism, assimilation, decntration? Do you remember the three types of subtheory in Sternberg’s Theory of Intelligence or 8 types of Multiple Intelligence in Howard Gardner’s theory. If the answers to these questions are not coming easily to you, then you need what we call a handbook of CTET keywords. If you are studying by yourself, make a notebook where you note all the keywords as and when you study an important theory. Keep that notebook as your go to notebook at the time for your revision. You can also additionally download keywords and play fun puzzles on TalentSprint’s paid program.

Keep these five things in mind wherever you are on the journey to CTET prep. We hope you give a blockbuster performance. Write to us which strategies worked for you.
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Yes, You have post best tips of Common Mistakes to Avoid in CTET Exam Preparation. You should also avoid overload learning for ctet exam.

S Jaden

At the end of the day, they guarantee to give you the declaration without official site you going to the classes, doing the assignments and the examination essential.