5 Habits of Highly Successful Bank Exam Candidates

Success habits

Bank exams are highly competitive, and most candidates who excel follow a common set of habits and techniques while preparing for the exams. A summary of the best habits to keep, to track your progress and prepare adequately for the exam is here.

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1. A proper study plan

This sounds pretty obvious, but most times, not everyone keeps a proper study plan. A good study plan has to be objective and tailored to suit your routine, and not be overly ambitious. Studying the right materials and allocating the right amount of time to individual materials is vital in order to cover the subjects. It has to be achievable and one that you can stick to.

2. Space out your reading

Spacing out your reading schedule, which is the opposite of cramming, is a method proven to boost memory retention. Going through materials and solving questions frequently over a long period will help etch this information permanently in your memory.

Also writing down points and going through them often will help you have a better grasp of the course. If you sign-up with TalentSprint you will get all the relevant study materials with detailed points and tips to guide you towards effective reading.

3. Solve a lot of problems (Also read as …Practice)

Solving a lot of questions and problem sets makes you understand the course much better over time. You will also get acquainted with the way questions are asked and also discover a pattern in the questions which will add some kind of predictability to the exam.

Try to record your scores and review each topic area to know which areas you are good at, and also your weaknesses. This way you can work on your weaknesses and overcome them in the next set of tests that you take. Online programs (like that of TalentSprint) provide a lot of mock tests with real-time results and feedback that will aid you in understanding the subjects better.

4. Be one-up on Current Affairs

For successful candidates, reading a daily newspaper is almost like a ritual. Apart from newspapers, you need to be updated with at least one more magazine that focuses on the world of Banking & Finance. Since many questions on General Awareness focus on the past 6 months of developments, it is impossible to read-up these things at the fag end of the preparation. But daily reading makes it both interesting and practical.

5. Play it up: Enjoy the Journey

It is very easy to get worked-up with so many study materials and a lot of people frantically preparing for the exams. Especially in a classroom environment, fast learners can give a sort of negative rub-off. The trick is to enjoy the journey: play a game that you can enjoy every day, eat healthy at the right time, maintain a good health regime. You can also do Yoga or Meditation if you feel stressed out. Or simply go out for a nice walk every evening and give some rest to your books and tests. This will add immensely to your ability to reduce stress and concentrate on building up your ability instead of constantly comparing yourself to others.

There is a thin line between success & failure in bank exams, and competition being tough, you need to be ready and equipped to excel in these exams.

All the above habits will eventually translate into a perfectly managed time. And that is one of the best things to happen to anyone appearing for competitive exams.

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