Why 90% teachers fail in CTET exam?

CTET happens twice a year. For last 6 years now, the pass percentage has never been more than 17%. The table below suggests the dismal statistics for the exam –

CTET-June 2011
CTET-Jan 2012
CTET-May 2012
CTET-Nov 2012
CTET-July 2013
CTET-Feb 2014
CTET-Sep 2014
CTET-Feb 2015
CTET-Sep 2015

Can you actually believe that there were only 1% candidates who qualified CTET in 2012. What are the possible reasons for this kind of performance? Let us deep dive.

The Ocean of Syllabus –

CTET Syllabus is vast. Every section requires a thorough understanding of concepts that have covered in B.Ed or D.Ed curriculum. If the syllabus is vast, it requires discipline and focus to understand which topics are important instead of covering every topic. There are almost 10 theories on Intelligence that is covered in B.Ed curriculum. But CTET has repeatedly covered 3 out of them. Now the choice is yours, you can either cover all 10 of them or cover the most important ones.

Lack of preparation –

7 out of 10 teachers writing CTET told our team that they didn’t prepare for the exam. They didn’t find time to prepare for the exam. Now, that’s an excuse you should never give yourself. No mountain can be scaled without adequate preparation. So, if you are in the same boat as this, jump out and find a way to prepare and work hard for the exam. This exam in no way easy and it requires dedication and commitment.

Complexity of Topics –

One reason that teachers find difficult to clear CTET is that topics are in no way simple. Consider, for example, John Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development. Not only in CTET, questions were asked on the name of different stages or periods of different stages, but also there were questions on concepts like Animism, Object Permanence, Decentration etc. So, not only the syllabus is wide, it requires in-depth knowledge of every concept.

Lack of a Good Book –

You must have heard about GRE and GMAT. They are world-wide exams and the most interesting thing is that the test-makers publish an official guide to those exams, in which they cover the pattern of exams really well. CTET is different. Candidates writing CTET hardly have a good reference book in which they can cover all the topics at one place. Our team has looked through several books and we have found that none of the book available in market today is good enough to prepare you for the exam. You have to work hard to dig and reach to the right concepts.

Lack of Comprehension –

Most CTET candidates have completed their B.Ed and D.Ed degree in English as the medium of textbooks and instruction. However, they still find it difficult to understand some important key words that appear on the exam day. For example – with one candidate I discussed a question about Gender Bias that appeared in February 2016 exam. Two of the options were Gender Stereotype and Gender Empowerment. This candidate understood that the question is asking about Gender Bias but didn’t know the meaning of the word Empowerment and just chose that answer. So, it is important that you work on your vocabulary well when you are preparing for CTET.
Although these are the top 5 reasons, we have seen as the reasons for failure in CTET. There are many more. Focus on these 5 reasons to ensure that you ace the CTET. All The Best!

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Poonam Singh

Hi, thanks for sharing such a nice Article. Please tell when i can apply for CTET TGT Vacancy ??