10 Common Mistakes you should avoid for IBPS 2016

common mistakes

In the rush to succeed, candidates often acquire many notions, habits and ways of thinking and doing things. Not all of them are good for success, especially for highly competitive exams like those of IBPS. Over a period of time, we have observed that candidates commit certain mistakes which can be easily avoided by just being conscious about them.

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Here is a list of common errors. Take a look and see if  you are doing any of them and simply avoid them.

1. Not practicing enough

Attempting many mock tests and practicing question papers is very important. Most of the students tend to prepare all the parts but fail to take up a good number of mock tests. These mock tests will help you become confident and channelise your hard work in the right direction.

2.   Time Management

One of the common mistakes made in IBPS exams is the mismanagement of time. Generally, candidates take more time in answering the aptitude questions, hence other sections. It is wise to attempt all the known questions from all the parts first and then try the tougher ones.

3. Making guesswork

Take the negative marking scheme more seriously. Making guesses for completely unknown questions under the pretext of calculative risk results in negative marking which is not affordable. Please remember that for every incorrect answer you lose 0.25 marks.

4. Not being updated

Of all the sections, the General Awareness section is one which cannot be prepared like the other ones. There is no substitute for reading newspaper and magazines on a daily basis. It cannot be done overnight. On the contrary, you can take up newspaper reading as a refreshing task that will get you away from the usual tasks of solving problems.

5. Not knowing the shortcut techniques

Knowing the shortcut technique will not automatically guarantee that you will be able to answer the question correctly, but not knowing it will cost you both the time and the right answer. Time is like gold in IBPS exam. If you are using lengthy problem-solving methods, start by learning some highly valuable short cut methods from India’s finest competitive exams coach Rohit Agarwal. You can access his videos on problem-solving here https://www.youtube.com/user/TSBankersChoice

6. Not attempting all questions

This is not the same as answering all the questions. A cursory look at the question should tell you whether it is worth attempting to solve it. If not, move on and attempt the ones you can. If time permits, come back to those tougher ones and see if you can spare time for them. In this way, you will not lose out on questions that you can answer easily due to lack of time.

7. Going in for old guides and older study materials

Nowadays you have Google for almost everything in the world. Simply Google about the IBPS exam and get to know the latest exam pattern. Visit a coaching centre and learn about the pros and cons of the new pattern. Seek proper guidance for the preparation and begin the process. Collect the latest study material which has all the latest techniques and stay competitive.

8. Referring too many books

Don’t get this advice wrong. We are all for you reading more. But under the pretext of enhancing your performance, never refer too many resources. If you are comfortable with a particular kind of studying, stick to it and practice the same. Referring too many books, websites, etc., will only confuse you more and you will start getting the feeling that your preparation is not up to the mark.

9. Ignoring the  cut-off

Make a note of  last year’s cut-off along with reviewing the previous year question papers. Fix your target on the cut-off you want to get and speed up your preparation. That cut-off will trigger your preparation more and will make you achieve the same. Mock tests are the best ways to assess your ability to achieve the required cut-off.

10. Panicking in the name of hard work

Though this exam is going to decide your future, do not panic. Panic creates commotion and will only make you forget what you have prepared. Go to the exam centre with a calm mind, follow the instructions, give your best shot and the rest will be taken care of.

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Abubakkar Sithik

These are the mistakes exactly done by the both fresh and some experienced candidates. Surely this piece of work will restrict many candidates from repeating these mistakes. Nice post Rohit Agarwal.