Dos & Don’ts for Job-Seeking IT Freshers

Now that you have passed that course and armed yourself with both the certification as well as the competence for a career start, it’s time to take a pause and ensure that you don’t waste time, energy and focus on the wrong roads. You will get to the job you have worked so hard for, but only if you pick the right path.

So, some lanes to better avoid: the Don’ts

  • Don’t over-rely on just one acquaintance or job opening. Spread the net wide as they say. Use a good, well-networked online portal to expand your chances.
  • Don’t be unrealistic about expectations on remuneration and title etc. This is the initial stage, so while you don’t have to sell yourself short, some homework on the industry-best practices would help you set a practical range of compensation.
  • Even if an interview does not go well, don’t shy away from seeking candid feedback. This will only help you improve and leave a good impression.
  • Do not settle for the first available opening. You have to be sure of your actual expectations and caliber along with the job description.
  • Also bear in mind that for a fresher, the initial few jobs would not be exactly rosy or glossy. There would be a considerable degree of legwork, boring chores or unfamiliar ground involved. What you want in terms of a perfect job will happen only after you work through this grind first.
  • Don’t just look at the brand or the paycheck. Also take into account the work culture, the role, the scope for growth, the possibility of industry networking etc. when you apply for any position.

Now some Do’s that will actually help you land a good job that you deserve

  • Always keep your confidence and optimism up 
  • Learn from every opportunity
  • Work on visibility. All that matters at this stage is getting a toe in the door. But if you are not there on the right platforms and networks you might miss a great opportunity.
  • Build your resume: smart and crisp. Highlight those parts that tailor well to the job you are aiming for. There is not much point listing down an autobiography here. Think of what a prospective employer would be interested in. Sell that. Chuck everything else.
  • Be ready- whether it is the resume or your mindset or your interview stance
  • Adapt and understand the skills that are relevant as of now. Keep updating and enriching yourself, especially because you belong to the ever-dynamic and fluid IT industry.
  • Get a good score in exams like AMCAT or eLitmus or CoCubes. This score will help you in getting job invitations from some of the Top IT companies including MNC IT Companies.
  • Network as much as possible: both online and real-time. At the end of the day, people connect with people.
  • Always try to put actual experience first. Any project, done in school, college or as a volunteer, can suffice to showcase that you are a reliable, diligent and competent candidate.
  • Keep impressive but genuine references ready and offer them wherever desired. This is also the place where you can market your job-ready skills by letting your internship boss or college faculty talk about strengths that were visible during a project undertaken.
  • Get a professional coaching: Since most IT companies conduct an entrance test, it helps if you are prepared for such tests. You can get professional coaching from Institutes like TalentSprint through their online & classroom programs to succeed in such exams in the very first attempt.
  • An employer is looking for skills, knowledge, and experience – the mix varies but components stay. You may be not high on experience but you can always amplify the other two.

Last but not the least; be proud and not worried that you are a fresher. This is your time and the kind of opportunities that you get in IT job today is far better, exciting and world-changing than what senior professionals get. So tap this time well and begin the hunt. For details on getting a professional coaching for entrance exams visit TalentSprint.

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