How to Build an Exciting Teaching Career in 5 Easy Steps

Teaching career

Education is a necessity prerequisite for human growth.  If you have decided on becoming a teacher, you can have a satisfying career enriching the lives of the youth.  But it’s not as simple as applying for any position that suits you and waiting to get an interview call. The path to becoming a teacher is demanding and you need to meet specific certification requirements as well as compete for a desirable position.

Here are 5 ways to jumpstart your teaching career

Determine the teaching level you want:

The first step in pursuing a teaching career is determining which level and subjects are right for you.  Decide what you are best suited to become – a kindergarten, primary, middle school, high school or college and university professor, whether you would like to teach mathematics, science, social sciences or languages. The possibilities are many.  You would also need to decide on where you would like to teach, in a government school, a private educational institution, run your own classes or volunteer for an NGO teaching post. This decision decides considerably the kind of preparation that you would have to undergo.

Work on your basics:

You must have strong basic concepts of the particular subject you wish to teach. If you love mathematics, you must be familiar enough with the subject to teach others. If science is your pet subject, get updated about the latest scientific technologies and innovations.  Start working on the basics and concepts of the subject. This is the perfect way to prepare yourself for your preferred occupation. Quite often we forget what we have studied in our schools or colleges because we don’t apply most of them in real life situations. So the need is to revisit the basics which you have learnt in the school or college.

Understand qualification requirements:

Once you know what and where you want to teach, you need to meet the specific qualification requirements to become one.  There are different qualifications required for teachers of different levels. If you wish to become a teacher in a reputed private or Government school, you must have a degree such as B.Ed (Bachelor of Education), to be a primary teacher a High school certificate with a Diploma in Education (D.Ed) is enough, a kindergarten teacher needs to be trained in Montessori.

Qualify in the teacher recruitment exam:

Various teacher recruitment examinations for becoming a school teacher include:

  • CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test)
  • State TET exams which are conducted by State Governments.
Clearing the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) is now mandatory to get a job in teaching. As lakhs of teaching aspirants appear for the exam the competition is intense but with the right guidance and preparation from professional coaching Institutes like TalentSprint, qualifying in CTET is quite easy. 
For those who want to become a professor or faculty in a college or University, a postgraduate degree with a clearance of the NET (National Eligibility Test) /SET (State Eligibility Test) examination is the minimum qualification required.

Choose the right place to teach:

Once you have completed your education and you have the required certifications, you can start looking for the right place to teach and make the most of your skills and knowledge. You can get a job as a teacher in a private school. Another option is a Government teaching job. There are several examinations conducted for the recruitment of teachers in the State and Central Government schools. Government teachers are well paid and enjoy many facilities. Schools usually list their current openings on their websites. If you hope to find a position locally, you can check the local ads and employment websites. Word of mouth can also be a big help.  Keep in contact with friends and working colleagues. Also, make sure that your resume, application, and professional portfolio are impressive and error free.
Most of the private schools and colleges offer a temporary position for a semester or even one full year. Upon satisfactory performance followed up by a good feedback from the students, you may be offered a permanent position in the teaching staff.
One common factor that influences selection in all the above is the test score in the eligibility exams held by various examination bodies. To ensure you get a good score you can take up professional teacher training courses from Institutes like TalentSprint which offers advanced preparation methods and are available in both online and classroom environments.
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