5 Tricks to Crack the Quant Section in IBPS PO & Clerk Exams


Quant Section (or Quantitative Aptitude) plays a significant role in the IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk Exams. The reason being, it is highly scoring and can easily push up your overall score. However, it is one of the most difficult subjects when compared to others and thus requires good preparation.

While in IBPS Clerk Main Exam, the marks for Quant Section are 40, in IBPS PO Main Exam, the marks allotted are 50. Here are some tricks to help you easily crack the Quant Section in IBPS PO & Clerk Exams and score good marks.

Five tricks to crack the Quant Section in IBPS PO and Clerk Exams

1: Understand the key components of the section:

First and foremost, you need to check the complete syllabus for this subject. The topics for Quant Section include number system, number series, decimal fractions, time and distance, boat and stream, unitary method, average, logical problems, square roots, cube roots, simplification, surd and indices, races, problems on trains, probability, profit and loss, proportion, pipe and cistern, area, ratio and proportions, algebra, mensuration (2d and 3d), geometry, simple and compound interest, data interpretation (tabulation, pie chart, line graph and bar graph), percentage and time and work.

2: Learn smart tricks and shortcuts:

Questions in quant Section may consume a lot of time. So, you should perfect the basics, formulae, tables and smart shortcuts alongside their application for solving problems better in less time. If you are not familiar with the shortcuts, then the calculations can consume most of your valuable time. Your basic calculation and approximation concept should also be strong.

To get a hang of how to solve these problems with speed and accuracy, learn some tips & techniques with Master Trainers, like Rohit Agarwal, from TalentSprint here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLffLKBjSzxT_Znpf-IPTX9LvQFhp_VKQ5

3. More the mock tests, the better:

For scoring well in this subject, aspirants need to practice as many sums as possible to solve problems accurately in less time. Also, speed matters a lot in this subject, so practice a lot to improve speed. Time your mock tests similar to the final exam. This will give you a fair objective assessment of your preparation.

4. Have a strategy in place:

You need to have two types of strategies in place.

  • Strategy for preparation: During the preparation stage, ensure that you focus on your weak areas and also develop better competency in terms of speed and accuracy in those parts where you are already strong.

  • Strategy during the exam: Since the time is short, you should be aware of the components which you are most comfortable with. So attempt those first. If you are weak or average in Quant Section, then it is always preferable to start with this section, so that you can attempt maximum questions and manage to clear the sectional cut-off. Further, it is advisable to not to take much time for one question and the questions should be solved according to their merit. In fact, the topic-oriented scheme can be useful for problem solving. Remember not to devote more than necessary time for this section as you have to clear the sectional cut-offs for other sections too.

5. Take help from the Masters:

Last but not the least, take proper guidance in terms of professional coaching. Experts at TalentSprint can help you in preparing for the Quant Section quite well. Their master trainers have helped thousands succeed in Banking and other competitive exams. Their techniques and methodologies can save you the much needed time.

So, what are you waiting for? Gear up and start preparing for Quant Section to score well in IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk Exam.

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Ananya Sharma

Hi admin,
I really appreciate your blogs ,They are very informative & point to point.I am preparing for IBPS PO Exam by taking help from your blogs, My exam is on 23rd October so I need last minute IBPS PO Preparation Tips.
I always get positive response from your side & expecting the same this time also.