Speed and Technique: The Major Game Changers in IBPS Exam


Like all other exams, IBPS 2016 Exams are also time bound, so you need to be fast enough to solve as many problems as you can. You can optimise your speed only when you have clear concepts and dedicated hours of practice. Here are 10 easy steps for speeding up your pace in the IBPS Exams:

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  1. Read the question paper wisely:

    During the exam, you need to ensure that you go through all the questions of all the sections at least once and do not get stuck with one problem as it might reduce your speed. In order to increase speed, you should quickly solve easier questions first and mark the tougher ones to be attempted later.

  2. Start with the easier section:

    Answer the questions that you find easy followed by the tough questions. This will give you the confidence and set the pace for the exam.

  3. Select the sections wisely:

    Solve questions from English, General Awareness, and Computers section in the beginning as they take up the least time to be solved. This can also help boost your confidence and speed.

  4. Do not get stuck on a question:

    Do not spend more than two minutes on any question. If you solve a question in just a few seconds, then use the remaining seconds for solving the tougher questions. If you are unable to solve it, then leave it and move ahead with other questions.

  5. Know your strong areas:

    Recognise your strongest zone and attempt questions from that section first with speed and accuracy.

  6. Learn the smart shortcuts:

    There are shortcuts to every problem. So, you need to learn the various techniques and smart ways / best shortcuts for answering some of the toughest questions in the IBPS Exams. Learning concepts of Vedic maths can also increase your calculation speed. Seek help and guidance of experts by joining advanced learning platform, like TalentSprint and learn some unique shortcut techniques for quantitative aptitude.  Make the most of the video lessons & live classes here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TSBankersChoice/videos

  7. Practice well:

    Practice is the master key to success in all competitive exams & IBPS 2016 is no exception. It not only increases understanding of the subject but speed too. The more you practice previous year’s question papers and sample papers, the more you’re fast and accurate.

  8. Prepare through mock tests:

    Take as many test series and online mock tests that you can to analyse the time taken for completing the paper. This strategy will help you improve your timing and problem-solving skills.

  9. Learn the art of speed management:

    For increasing speed for IBPS Exams, keep a stopwatch handy. Especially while you’re solving previous year question papers or giving mock tests, to fix the time for each section. Improve and reduce the time on the stopwatch, every time you give the mock test.

  10. Take professional help:

    Last but not the least, take proper guidance in terms of professional coaching to increase your speed. Experts at TalentSprint can equip you with some smart ways, of learning and solving questions, that go a long way in realising your dream and achieving success in the IBPS & other bank exams.  

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