TalentSprint Teaching Excellence Awards 2016


TalentSprint as an organisation focuses on providing skill development and Integrated talent management. We have excellent training faculty on both our digital and classroom training platforms. Every year as a part of celebrating teachers day “Teaching Excellence Awards” were given to the best teachers(faculty) of TalentSprint. The objective is to recognise teaching excellence based on TalentSprint CQI values.According to which the “Best teacher” and “Outstanding Teacher” are Nominated by business heads. Deliberations among-st the Senior management team for 2 weeks to finalize recipients with focus on consistent demonstration of values, student feedback and final outcomes, put together we have nominated 5 best teachers and 1 Outstanding teacher among-st a total of 50 participants across the two platforms.

Here are we “the much awaited list of teachers and the titles representing them”,

Best Teacher Award(Customer Comes First)

Venkata Ramesh M

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less”. He is the paragon of humility at TalentSprint. He makes efforts for his students, whatever it takes. He is the epitome of TalentSprint foremost value “Customers Come First” and a great inspiration for all of us!

Best Teacher Award(Quality is Everything)


Avinash Y
He is known to give homework to his students and regularly monitor their performance in every class. He is dedicated to their Quality improvement and works very hard before and after classes to make sure students are equally committed to getting it right. Thank you for setting high standards of teaching.
Best Teacher Award(Quality is everything)


Arunkanth Goud Alwala

Known to be very strict in the class, he is a strong believer in quality of training rather than quantity of training. A disciplined individual, his disciplines also transcends to his professional Life which is evident in the classroom.His classes are learning driven along with being high on energy. Having being a part of corporate trainings like Infosys Spark IT Program,CDK & Pega in the past, the standards for quality displayed by him set an example for all us to emulate!

Best Teacher Award(Quality is everything)

Rajanikanth V

Wise has become one of the majorly successful program of TalentSprint. Rajanikanth is the key trainer in the program who is revered by all his Students, As a Member of WISE Team, he has proved that quality in Teaching depends on quality of learning by students. The performance Of WISE students across various areas(Google summer of code,Skill Olympics award, Internship in companies Like Microsoft and placement in top IT Product companies).

Best Teacher Award(Innovation for Scale)
Gowri S
A silent Performer who is the rack-solid member of the WISE team. She recently took up the challenge of training a large set of students across 2 different locations in Big Data Analytics, with major time constraints, which she solved effectively by using the technology of virtual classes.In pursuit od choosing connection over convenience, she ensured that she found time for both set of students and connecting alternatively.
Outstanding Teacher Award(Customer Comes first,Quality is everything,Innovation for scale)


What makes him so outstanding,and who is he ?
He is the perfect example of the TalentSprint motto of CQI by not only believing that the Customer Comes First but ensuring Quality learning through Innovative means!
 Rohit Agarwal

Rohit agarwal, unarguably the most successful teacher at TalentSprint. His online video lessons and live classes have thousands of viewers and millions of views on youtube. His calm demeanor and interpersonal skills make him an approachable teacher, even though he meets his students virtually! He set himself the challenge of solving 100’s of doubts from 1000’s of students every week via Live sessions. What started as a 90 minute session quickly became 180.Being innovative he introduced the concept of peer learning by enabling other students to respond to each other.
No doubt it is a great success to be celebrated on this special day.
Congratulations for the accolades received and all the very best from your team TalentSprint for all your endeavours.

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