4 Things to Practice daily to Improve Communication Skills

One of the primary skills needed in today’s job market is ‘Good Communication Skills’. It is a requirement that makes most job seekers extremely nervous since we are always looking for that one magical solution that will solve this problem overnight!

Communication Skills
Communication skills are a union of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Thankfully for most of us, writing in the language is not a problem. What better proof of this, than the numerous exams we have written since childhood! However, the devil appears when it to comes to the other three skills. Let us take for example, if you want to become a better tester, what will you do? You will practice writing more test cases, analyze more test cases, read more test cases and so on. Therefore, the best way to master the skill set is by actually pursuing it keenly! And communication skills are no different! They can be easily improved by judicious daily practice over a short period time.  
  • Listening is one of the key that unlocks the learning of any language. It is essential to hear a language in order to speak in it, after all that’s how we remember all our favourite songs! Listening helps solve problems like pronunciation, sentence formation, enriching content amongst many others.
  • We terribly underestimate the role of speaking in enhancing our communication skills and this is something we need to change immediately. Remember as a child, you could speak only a few words in your mother tongue but today your fluency is second to none. Why? Because you continued speaking in it. Leave no opportunity to speak in the language even if it entails speaking a few words incorrectly because this will boost your confidence by leaps and bounds.
  • There is a strong reason why our teachers have been telling us since childhood to read, though most of us thought it means nothing! But of course it does, the advantages are numerous- vocabulary, content, grammar, sentence construction to name a few. Read whatever you can lay your hands on, magazines, newspapers and a book of any genre.
  • Most of us know the body language of our superstars really well and some of us can even imitate them. What is that makes it possible? Observation and interpretation are powerful tools to learn anything; therefore it is only wise to use the same to develop our communication skills. 
There is no denial that about the imperative role that communication skills play in the growth of our careers. Mutual exchange of ideas, understanding, presenting are all invariably communication dependent. Therefore, it essential that we improve our communication skills by including some regular practices in our lives.

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Communication Skills
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