Lack of Preparation, Planning, and Other Mistakes Bank Exam Students Make

With the IBPS exam round the corner, lakhs of students will be appearing for the exam from all over India. Though many work hard, preparing for the exams, passing the exam in the first attempt with a good score is not all that easy. A candidate who studied hard and prepared for months cannot afford mistakes that lessen his chances of getting selected in the IBPS bank exam.

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Here are mistakes that are to be avoided for the upcoming IBPS 2016 recruitment exams:

1. Wrong Study Material:

Understand your syllabus well. Get the right books to help you study. Purchase books from known authors, specifically tailored for the competitive exam you are preparing for. You can also refer to the detailed study material from TalentSprint, their study programmes are best suited for the exam you are appearing for.

2. Lack of Practice:

It is practice and more practice which will help you achieve perfection. Regular practice not only raises your level of speed but it also raises your accuracy level. Speed and accuracy is the key to success as the questions attempted must be accurate, in order to gain a high score. Refer to as many past question papers as possible. That will give you a clear picture of what to expect in the exam. There are question papers available online at for you to practice. Practice in a realistic exam environment and not just for the sake of solving more papers.

3. Not Being Updated about the Latest News:

Many candidates have poor reading habits in general. This comes in the way of scoring proper marks in the General Awareness section. This is also a section where teachers and trainers can’t do much for you. And also, a last minute preparation for this section is futile. Keep reading a financial magazine regularly till the exam is over and even after that!

4. Not Deciding on a Test Strategy:

Deciding on your test taking strategy before the exam. Know your strengths and weakness. This will save you time in not wasting time with the questions you are not sure of. Focus more on your strong areas and avoid your weak areas. This will ensure your success, as you will be going into the exam hall with a well chalked out plan. Listen to your intuition and practice. This will help you trust your intuition even in the exam.

5. Not Managing Time Properly:

Time management is the key to success in any competitive exam. Candidates do not attempt the paper according to a set time limit and waste a lot of valuable time in solving a particular section. This makes them leave the exam hall without attempting the minimum no. of questions required to secure a good cut off in respective sections. Make sure when you start preparing for IBPS exam, you should make an advanced time distribution to each section. You should try to solve questions in given time bound and enhance your speed for that. Start by answering questions from the sections that consume the least time and then from the sections that you are well prepared in. Do not waste time on questions you are not sure about, mark them for review and proceed. After you finish your paper, if you have time to spare, then, review the questions so marked. Follow these tips to manage your time well at the exam.

6. Disregarding Negative Marking:

Bank exams have a negative marking system. Do not guess at or touch doubtful ones. Guessing answers to complete a section is not wise as guessing comes with a penalty. Answer only those questions you are 100% sure about. The idea is to attempt and not answer all questions.

7. Getting Stressed:

Get enough sleep and exercise. Take regular breaks while studying which will keep you stay relaxed. Though it may be tempting to keep studying till the last minute, you shouldn’t overload yourself with information just before the exam. Remember that you can’t study everything at the last minute. Just go through your revision notes, relax and focus on solving the question paper to the best of your ability.

Success in Bank exam depends on your effort and dedication and a calm mind during the examination. So plan well and avoid the above mistakes to ensure you make the right moves at all times.

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