Bank exams or SSC exams? What should I choose?

Bank exams or SSC exams? What should I choose?

There is nothing as powerful as a concept and nothing more dangerous than a misconception.Myles Munroe

There are a lot of misconceptions when we compare Bank exams vis-a-vis SSC exams. Many people are of a general notion that SSC recruitment poses brighter career prospects than bank exams. But it may not be entirely right. Individual priorities also have a significant role to play in these decisions. When asked about priorities in a job, for some people job security is more important than growth opportunities, for others social status may matter more than the job’s pay scale. How you perform in your career depends on whether you made your choices keeping your individual strengths, weaknesses and preferences in mind.

IBPS bank exams take place every year to recruit deserving candidates for jobs in public sector banks in India. There are various other bank exams for the recruitment in both public and private sector banks. So while you decide to prepare for bank exams, find which bank exams you are are eligible for and plan accordingly.

Recruitment by Staff Selection Commission opens the door to multiple jobs across government ministries and departments such as Central Secretariat Service, Intelligence Bureau, Central Vigilance Commission, CBI, etc.

What have you decided to pursue? Bank exams or SSC exams?
We understand it’s a crucial decision for you. Let us do an objective analysis before you settle with one of these or even if you plan to attempt both.

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Exams curriculum and difficulty level

Although few subjects in SSC exams are higher in difficulty level than that in bank exams, yet syllabus of both the exams is similar to a great extent. Thus many people target for both the exams simultaneously. But before coming to a conclusion, one must consider various other aspects discussed below.

Eligibility requirements

The eligibility criteria differ for SSC exams and bank exams. The age limit for SSC depends on the post you appear. Different bank exams also have different eligibility requirements. For instance for IBPS ‘s bank clerk recruitment, maximum age limit is 28 (with few relaxation) whereas for IBPS ‘s bank PO exams, maximum age limit is 30 (with applicable relaxation). So gather detailed information about eligibility criteria before arriving at a conclusion.

Job Profile

Jobs through SSC exams may involve tasks like attending to queries, taking notes, filing, administrative work, field work, carrying out surveillance, inspection and raids, etc. Whereas bank jobs involve providing customer service, managing clearance of payments, conducting official communication, managing accounts, handling cash transactions, etc. What is the nature of work that lures you more? The choice is yours.

Opportunities to advance

Banks are believed to have more proactive promotion process as compared to SSC jobs. SSC promotion levels depend on the respective department. For instance, Income tax officer can become assistant commissioner, deputy commissioner and then commissioner. An auditor can become a senior auditor. Whereas order of promotion in bank job typically involves Bank PO, Assistant Manager, Branch Manager, AGM and finally GM.

Pay scale

Both government bank jobs and SSC jobs offer similar pay scale at entry level. But the private sector bank jobs may offer a better salary. However, you must think long term while taking these decisions. The advancement in salary will ultimately depend on your caliber.

Switching Jobs

When you are in banking, there’s a scope for you to switch to the private sector banks from a government bank job. On the flip side, experience earned through SSC jobs wouldn’t be of much use in private jobs.


Both jobs may require you to undergo transfers since these are public sector jobs. However, when compared, bank jobs have a record of more frequent transfers as compared to SSC.

Work pressure

Both the jobs will pose their set of challenges and will be demanding too, just the nature of the demands will differ. As a bank PO, you will have to practice customer engagement and undergo rigorous training to understand nuances of banking whereas SSC-CGL will require you to practice strict supervision tasks and maybe work under political pressure on some occasions.

Job Security

As compared to bank jobs, SSC jobs are believed to have better security since they are purely government jobs unlike bank jobs

None else can make a better choice for you than yourself. Consider all the well meaning suggestions and keeping the above points as a basis, have your best pick. Whether you go with bank exams or SSC, give your best shot with the expert training by TalentSprint.

We wish you a rewarding career. Keep coming back for more such posts to help you thrive in your career.

All the best!

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very useful sir

Kranti Kumar

In which sector more recruitments are coming? Bank or SSC or railway?