Can I Crack Bank Exam Without Coaching?

Bank Exam Preparation

Let us consider a typical scenario,
One fine evening, you sit down to study for your bank exams.
Let’s look at your inner monologue:

Bank Exams Practice Kit

Time: 7 PM
You: Okay, time to get done with this stuff.
(you open your textbook, Subject: English, Topic: English Comprehension)

You: This looks interesting. But I don’t understand this term here on pg. 134. Let me check it on Google. Found it. I guess, before I get back to the book, I will quickly look at my email tab. Oh, I have four new friend requests on Facebook. It wouldn’t hurt to check them and get back to my studies in two minutes. One last thing, let me give a quick scan to the front page of Reddit. Wow, these are the links to some interesting blogs, I am just going to skim through few of them.

Time: 9 PM
You: Arrgghh! What happened?

(textbook is still open to pg. 134)

We hope this doesn’t happen to you. But the human brain is wired to keep scanning for changes, even a little bit of stimulation is enough to lit it up. Today, technology has taken distractions to another level. Smartphones, gadgets, social media and information overload. It’s a big challenge to stay unaffected by all of these.  

Distractions like these are what you don’t need, especially if preparing for a serious exam like Bank Selection. So do you need to join a coaching or is your will power strong enough to safeguard against these time wasters without any external help? What do you need to crack the bank exams?

Here’s your checklist. Whether or not a professional coaching can help you with these requirements is up to you to decide.

1. Structured approach

Planning on priorities and preparing a timeline for studies is the first step to getting started. You may work on them on your own or turn to someone with experience for tried and tested approach for the same. It is always a good idea to get some help.

2. Dependable study material 

Your reference material for studies plays a very crucial role in your success. Be careful in selecting only those textbooks which have a reputation for delivering the best results. In case you go with a training institute, make sure they have a record of providing quality content for studies.

3.Thorough practice

It may sound cliched, but the truth remains that one needs a lot of commitment and practice to ace these exams. It becomes even more relevant if you are self-studying when your monitor is you. As discussed earlier, you need to be quite disciplined to deal with the several distractions around you and to maintain the regularity in studies and practice. 

4. Timely guidance and motivation 

Once you get going with your preparation, you will need to occasionally pause and check whether you are in the right direction. Experts have emphasised enough on the role of a mentor in achieving your dreams. Have someone whom you can go to when you need guidance or some motivation to keep going.

5. Mock and practice tests

Mock tests help you get familiar with the exam process, and you know what to expect when facing the real exam. Stats suggest that the students who have taken practice tests perform better than others in the final exams. You can also predict your score and know the extent of improvement required to be fully prepared to face the exams. It is again an important decision what is your source for these tests. Do not waste your time by taking up any practice test that comes your way. Take up tests only provided by a reliable source.

6. Analysis on your performance

Taking mock tests is not sufficient. A detailed analysis of your performance is needed for you to know your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your gaps gives you a chance to revamp your preparation strategy. Letting the experts analyse where you stand can save a lot of your time.

7. Flexibility

One clear reason why few students opt for self-studies over coaching classes is the kind of flexibility it gives. Whether you are a night owl or early bird, fast learner or take your own sweet time to learn, or even if you don’t want the hassle of going to the coaching classes. You can learn at your own time and pace when you do it on your own. Similar is the flexibility online training offers. You can opt for live classes or the recorded lessons depending on your learning style.
Keep the above requirements in consideration and figure out what works the best for you, self-studies, coaching or online coaching. TalentSprint is a known name in online coaching for Bank exams. It offers the best of everything, may it be a strategic approach to your preparation, or flexibility in the form of live online classes and recorded videos.  Also quality study material, practice and mock test papers, regular analysis of performance, and most importantly master trainers and mentors to guide you.
Wish you great luck! 
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