Looking beyond B.Ed: How to Grow your Teaching Career in India?


Well, a B.Ed might land you up in a teaching job but a CTET Certification can help you get a ‘Great’ teaching job in both Government schools and private schools with a respectable pay package. While B.Ed is an undergraduate/college degree required to teach in Government and CBSE affiliated schools, CTET Exam is a Central Teacher Eligibility Test conducted by the Government of India. It has been put into place to make sure teachers in India are qualified enough to teach up to secondary class level.

Every year, many job vacancies are posted by the Government in Kendriya Vidyalayas, Navodayas, and State Government schools. CTET qualified teachers are eligible to apply for these vacancies and draw a salary as high as Rs.40,000 or Rs. 50,000 per month with retirement benefits.

Further, CTET Certification is not just accepted by the Government schools but also by the private schools. Many avenues open up after clearing the CTET Exam. Hence, all those looking for a respectable teaching job in India should look beyond B.Ed and grow their teaching career in India by giving the CTET Exam.

Here are some ways by which you can grow with CTET in your teaching career.

1. Getting a Government teaching job becomes easy:

CTET opens up wide teaching job options in the Government schools and other Government aided institutions. In fact, there are about 1300 Kendriya Vidyalayas in India and they announce nearly 5000+ vacancies every year. Such jobs can provide benefits like job security, respect, good working hours, better work-life balance and much more.

2. Easy access to teaching jobs in private schools:

In addition to Government schools, those who have cleared the CTET Exam can also apply for teaching jobs in private schools such as CBSE Board Schools. Over the years, the number of private schools has increased substantially and therefore, one can also look at teaching career in private schools post CTET. In fact, there are more than 18,000 CBSE affiliated schools in the country and they have to follow the mandate of hiring teachers with CTET qualification only.

3. Other job options:

After clearing CTET, you can also apply for a teaching job in reputed coaching institutes.

4. Improved pay package:

With the CTET scores, you can actually show how qualified and trained you are. Hence, a good CTET score can also help in fetching a higher salary package within your existing job.

Thus, with a good CTET score, you can be assured of a great teaching career with long-term growth prospects.

Preparing for CTET?

If you are looking to make teaching your profession, then it is necessary for you to clear the CTET Exam. In order to help you in your CTET preparation and crack it well, there are professional coaching platforms like TalentSprint. With their highly experienced trainers, you can hope to achieve a high score and even help you look for suitable opportunities after the exam is cleared.

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