The Easiest Vs the Toughest IT Job Exams to Crack

IT job exam

Preparing for an IT exam is nothing short of going to a battle. You have to be armed with the right tactics and weapons but what is more important, yet mostly forgotten, is the grip on a strategy that decides victories.

Clarity and a candid assessment of the level of difficulties that can spring up are very crucial before venturing forth into the actual battleground. The fight is not only with other candidates but also with one’s own loopholes, small chinks in the armour and fears. Even a small, wrongly-timed fear or weakness can change the whole story immediately. If you are preparing for an IT job exam, do take some time out to understand its difficulty level and contrast that to your inventory of strengths and weaknesses. Your portfolio of strong points may not be same as the next candidate’s, so your strategy would also differ. No exam can be approached with a universal game-plan. Do not copy your friend or foe. Aim at the game with your own tactical strikes.

Some tests evaluate the conceptual underpinnings of a candidate while some lean more towards the acquisition of knowledge and some towards its application. Tests also vary in terms of the number, difficulty level, layout, diversity and speed-efficiency of questions. They are designed with different goals and hence you may feel that you were fast in one test but took more time in the other one despite being confident in the latter case. Sectional weights can also influence the difficulty level and perceived preparation level for an exam, especially when you consider them alongside your own weak and strong areas. Also, note if the test in question leans towards negative marking as that would tip the balance of the difficulty level a lot.

Sometimes, preparation for another relevant exam can serve as a good backbone for the preparation of another one. Like, if you have worked for CAT exam, eLitmus would be a natural extension. This is a test that falls in the perfect niche for freshers and hence for companies looking for freshers. The kind of questions and the skills assessed would hence, be in that realm.

A test like AMCAT (Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test) is more of a statistical assessment platform that also measures a student’s skills in other parallel areas like English speaking, Programming, and certification for recruiters.  In the case of CoCubes, time management can raise difficulty levels given the length that the test usually encompasses.

Quantitative aptitude, reasoning, analytical, and verbal ability seem to be the common areas of assessment for all major exams. So the difficulty level depends on the level of questions and your own preparation at the end of the day.

Some people consider eLitmus at the top rung of difficulty level with other tests like CoCubes coming in lower rungs (the perception could also be influenced with the test being considered the most expensive among other options). The structure and design of tests keep changing nonetheless and word is around that more management side focus is going to be incorporated into the top two or three tests anyways.

What a smart candidate should remember is that the test is a doorway to the interview table and a good percentile will assure you of that foot in the door. But if your interview preparation is weak, or your fundamentals are wobbly or your confidence falters in the final moment across the interviewer; then the test would be a waste.

So prepare with a long-term plan and take help from expert guides and trainers who would not only update you regularly with any syllabus changes or replenishments but would also personalize your preparation according to your own aims, weak spots and company aspirations. Institutes like TalentSprint also help candidates with placement opportunities post the training period.

Having a professional training platform that allows for online and digital tools makes the process all the more easy and engaging.

Arm yourself with the right strategy and consider the battle half won.

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