What after B.Tech: Job or MBA?

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“You must get an MBA degree first. You will have all the time later to apply for a job”,insisted my ever-interfering uncle.

Well, in a typical Indian scenario, any student on completing B.tech is likely to face the above situation. If you find yourself in a similar space, instead of giving in to suggestions like these, base your decision on a proper analysis.

Some of the best business schools in the world have work experience as a prerequisite for admission to MBA. There must be a reason why experts vouch for gaining job experience before going for MBA. Read on to know why you should gather some real time experience before moving on to management studies:

Why MBA?

Before job or after job, you have MBA in your plans. But before arriving at this conclusion did you ask yourself “Why MBA?” Did you think whether or not MBA fits into your long-term career goals? Nothing but gaining some work experience can help you take a well-planned decision in this regard. If you realise from your experience that you want to be a technology expert or specialist or get into research, consider courses like M.tech; whereas if you are trying to acquire leadership roles, MBA fits into your plan more. Moreover, your experience can also help you choose your area of specialisation in MBA.

Are you ready yet?

As a technology graduate, you may not be familiar with management and business terminologies and jargons. Moreover, without any real-time experience management, concepts and theories may sound like gobbledygook to you. Whereas the same make more sense when you can relate to them, which is only possible with some experience at your disposal. After three to four years of job, you are more prepared for further studies. You can take better advantage of your advanced studies and can even perform better.

Aiming to go abroad?

For those who are planning to pursue their management studies from overseas, it is noteworthy that for many of the top international business schools, work experience is a must. So gathering work experience after B.tech will open doors for you to such eminent institutes.

Amongst Indian management colleges, admission to the prestigious Institute ISB (Indian school of business) also requires you to have work experience in your portfolio.

Have an edge in MBA admission

Although Indian management colleges may not have work experience as a condition for admission, yet having worked for a couple of years will make you more confident in your MBA college interview. All that exposure you had in your job is bound to help you impress the interviewers better. Selectors are looking for candidates who can contribute better to an interactive class. Having stories to tell from your real-time professional experience is surely a plus.

Just when you need it!

A B.tech degree or an MBA stamp in your profile, you are decently qualified to make it to an entry level job in both the cases. These are the jobs which will demand you to put your knowledge from B.Tech studies to use, whereas you can utilise your MBA knowledge better when you acquire roles that require management skills. So it is smarter to follow the sequence B.tech-job-MBA and apply your freshly acquired management skills to higher roles you assume.

Pay for your MBA yourself

So far it was someone else taking care of all your expenses including your education. What if once you complete your B.Tech, you earn and save for your higher studies through a job? How does that sound? There’s nothing more fulfilling than being able to take care of one’s own expenses. Earn your MBA without anyone’s help and with minimum or no loan. An added advantage of postponing your MBA for later!

So, if you are looking towards B-schools, take the above points into account, and cultivate a few years of professional experience beforehand.

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We wish you all the best!

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ajith b.o

I have completed Mba and worried what to do next

aniket vichare

This is an inspirational blog and really made me think that I should first work and then enrol for MBA as you said because it would make me feel so much better if I paid for my college education rather than burdening my parents for paying my tuition fees.