Multiplication Shortcuts for SBI PO 2017 Bank Exam

Multiplication Shortcuts

Think ‘bank job’ and what you see in your head are numbers – long lines of multi-digit numerals marching into the horizon as far as the eye can see!

The SBI PO 2017 is THE bank job notification of the year. Yes, it’s all about numbers here too. Here are a few numbers to consider:

Almost 10,00,000 to 15,00,000 candidates will be competing for about 2300 vacancies.

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After the last date of application on March 6, there are 53 to 61 days to get ready to write the preliminary exam depending on which of the dates between April 29th and May 7th you will be attempting the exam.

Coming to the preliminary examination itself, we’re sure you know that 100 questions carrying 100 marks have to be answered in 3600 seconds (1 hour). This means 36 seconds for each question.

Yes, it is difficult to do.

No, it is not impossible.

Still following the outdated and lengthy procedures of calculation that you were taught in school? If yes, then you have reason to be nervous.

Now is the time to wise up and enroll with a good training institute where experts will train you with you invaluable methods and shortcuts to tackle all the sections in the shortest possible time.

Let’s just consider the Quantitative Aptitude section which has 35 questions. Experienced trainers in Mathematics know ways to cut short answering time.
Which is faster – putting pen to paper or making the connections in your head? The principle behind these quick and easy methods is to avoid the time that writing takes and just think it through.
Here are a few examples of how multiplication, for instance, is made easier by these Math wizards. For the sake of easy explanation, we have taken small numbers:
Example#1: split and merge.
12 x 23 means 12 should be taken 23 times. We split the number 23 into 20 + 3.
12 x 23
So now it is (12 x 20) + (12x 3) = 240+36=276
98 x 93
Consider the numbers according to their distance from the base, 100:
      a.     98 (-2) ;  93 (-7)
      b.    Cross difference by subtracting 98-7 or 93-2 = 91
      c.     Multiply  91 by the base = 91×100= 9100
      d.     Add product of differences -2 x -7 = 14
Add this c. and d 9100 + 14=9114
Time taken: less than 3 seconds!!
386 x 724
(Note:Figures in bold in column A are carried into the Ans. column)
Sum: 386 x 724
carry forward
Step 1
Multiply the units
6×4= 24
Step 2
Unit of A x 10s of B
Unit of B x 10s of A
Add these 2 products and the c/f
12 + 32 +2=46
Step 3
Unit of A x 100s of B
Unit of B x 100s of A
10s of A x 10s of B
add all these with the c/f
Step 4
10s of A x 100s of B
10s of B x 100s of A
Add these 2 and the c/f
Step 5
Multiply the 100s of A & B
Add the c/f

Your answer is 274964! This might seem complicated now, but the right hands-on training will prove how simple it is!
These are just three examples of how multiplication can be shortened and done in your mind.
We, at TalentSprint, will train you to literally visualize these complex calculations without having to put in the effort to work it all out on paper 
and thus lose precious time. Remember that every second counts and even 1 mark will plunge you into a lower rank considering the super intense competition.
Practice and shortcuts are the keys to being successful in the SBI PO 2017 examinations.
It’s not magic; it’s skill and aptitude. Our intensive coaching programme will gift you both to ace the SBI PO 2017, the Preliminary first and then the Mains.

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Great info for students and trainers.

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