Can You Live Comfortably with a Teacher’s Salary in India?

Teachers Pay Scale

If you heard the latest Budget speech, and you happen to be in the, or considering to be in the Education sector, then you must have sat up and taken notice of the changes that are happening starkly and swiftly.

The Finance Minister talked about Rs.2,200 Cr. investment in vocational training, promoting Skill Development in as many as 600 Districts and 110 centres, ushered in the concept of One Testing Agency for Higher Education, of use of DTH channels, of 310 online courses for Higher education and the Swayam platform, of encouraging learning outcomes in 3479 educationally backward blocks, of an innovation fund for Secondary education, and ICT-enabled learning transformation.

What do you see happening here? Change. Progress. A new face of education.

That’s indeed the stance that this sector has taken.

It is no longer the sector where the only attraction about going for a teaching job was to eke out that security of a Government pension. Or where tuitions and private coaching had to complement those not-so-adequate salaries. Teacher’s salary had become an oft-used phrase in the society and understandably so to refer to a low-income person.

Today education has become integral to the nation’s acceleration. Corporate and industrial stakeholders are looking at this sector with a new respect and acknowledgement thanks to the supply gap and the new demands they have for talent fulfillment. Today even students know that education is more than a degree. It is about one’s potential and future that has to be reflected in the actual knowledge, competence, and skills that one carries.

That leaves teachers at a very interesting and never-before vantage point. They are the ones who have to ultimately steer this new set of wheels in a futuristic direction. Without them, the notion of competitive talent and world-class resources is not at all conceivable. The Government too has started pushing this sector in a dynamic, bold, agile and innovative manner.

So as long as you are not a laidback, status-quo-loving, complacent person who loves to complain about ‘teacher’s salary’; the doors of umpteen opportunities have just been thrown open to you. With a new set of needs, there also come a new set of compensation hikes, rewards, new brackets of salaries, attractive perks and attractions that completely redefine the jute-bag image of a conventional teacher.

Teaching profession is going to be, and is already on the way to turn into, as sharp and as magnetic as other white-collar professions. They can earn as much, if not more, as their IT/Banking/Engineering counterparts provided they are at the right place, with the right edge, and at the right time.

Equipping yourself for high-level teaching opportunities entails the right certifications and qualifications like the CTET. If you can ensure that early on in your career and then complement this base with rich experience and inimitable passion, then there is no limit to your dreams and career goals.

You can not only earn the signature respect and dignity that teachers have always gained but you can now do that without compromising on career development, material hygiene, and lifestyle aspirations.

Being a teacher is quite up on the career ladder now and if you can have the right strategy supported with prudent guidance then you can conquer the new world with confidence and ease for sure. Gone are the days when sympathies were offered for monetary comparisons around teachers’ pay scale. Get ready for new days when teachers would be on the other side and with much more than just monetary aspects to compare and feel superior about.

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