How to Compare Percentage between Two Values

In this post, we will discuss how to compare percentage between two unknown values and find percentage difference between them using a smart method SBI Clerk, SBI PO, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL and other competitive exams.

Compare Percentage

For IBPS PO Exam Percentage is a significant topic in the Quantitative Section as it is also used in concepts like Compound and Simple Interest and Profit and Loss. It is extremely important not only to understand the topic but moreover figure out smart ways to calculate percentage and compare percentage with effective use of time.

So here is a series of blog posts about smart methods that will help you solve questions in 5- 10 seconds that would otherwise take 30- 45 seconds. This will give you an edge over other candidates since the time you save in an exam is actually the extra time that you earn for yourself!

Percentage Comparison between Two Values

Percentage is the ratio between part and whole where the whole is considered to be 100. Questions that need you to compare percentage between two unknown values is a frequently asked question and involves finding the difference between them. It is expressed as a ratio or relative percentage.
Compare Percentage

Example of a Question on Comparing Percentage

If A’s salary is 25% more than B’s salary, then by what percentage is B’s salary less than A’s?
The first thought that will come to most of you on reading this question is that the answer is 25% and you don’t need to calculate percentage at all! However, don’t fall trap to it because the percentage relation from A→B is clearly not the same as the relation from B →A.
The Conventional Method to Compare Percentage

There is high probability that the minute you read this question, you are tempted to solve it by the traditional method of comparing and then calculate the percentage difference between the two values. But that includes various steps that start with expressing A in terms of B-

Step 1:
A= B+ 25% of B
Step 2:
A= 5B/4 (converting % to fraction)
Step 3:
B= 4A/5
Step 4:
B= 80% (converting fraction to %)
Hence A is 20% less than B.
Undoubtedly the answer we have got by this method is correct but this is a tedious time taking process involving many steps which only increases the probability of errors.
It is essential for you to have a cohesive and well-planned approach to answer the maximum number of questions correctly in less time to crack your IBPS PO exam. Therefore it is paramount that while practising you use these methods too!
Compare Percentage

The Smart Method to Calculate Percentage Difference

Now let us solve the same question and compare percentage by using a smart step that involves just one step and saves a lot of valuable time.
Convert the percentage difference in a fraction, which is 1/ 4 in this case (25%= 1/ 4)
Now comes the trick- To find out by how much % B is less than A, increase the value of the denominator by the value of the numerator ( 1 in this case)
Step 1:
1/ 4 becomes 1/ (4+1) which is actually the answer
Step 2:
1/ 5 = 20%

Therefore we reach the answer in just one step.

Compare Percentage
Isn’t this really easy and super quick! Watch the video below to see our expert faculty explain this amazing method.


To check your understanding of this concept try and solve this question by the smart method-The sale of Company N is 40% less than that of Company T. Then by what percent is the sale of company T more than that of N?1) 66.66%      2) 25%      3) 20%      4) 33.33%      5) None of these

Do tell us in the comments below how this trick helped you save time and arrive at the answer in just a few seconds.

Stay tuned to this space for more such tricks!
Compare Percentage
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