Top Topics to Score High for SBI PO 2017

SBI PO Topics


There’s so much noise about the SBI PO 2017, and it refuses to die down. As the dates for the preliminary examination draw nearer, the noise just seems to get louder and louder.

Just take a deep breath. Relax.

Now let’s take a quiet look at some of the important topics that will help you to perform better, score higher.

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The SBI PO 2017 preliminary examination

Come the end of next month, the hourglass will have run out of sand. Here are some recommendations of what you might concentrate on as we feel that they might be important.

English Language: There’s no quick cure if English is your weakness. Learning any language needs sustained preparation. English, as a language, can be considered ‘irregular’ and, so, not easily learned except by everyday speech, reading, and writing. If you have prepared with a reputed trainer, you will have already understood that and are ready to roll.

In the preliminaries, English is roughly 1/3rd of the test considering both the marks as well as the number of questions. You either know the answer, or you don’t: there’s no calculation to be done. Allot less than 20 minutes to English.
Important topics include: Fill in the blanks, Cloze, Antonyms and Synonyms, Sentence Improvement, Reading and Comprehension.

Spend some time solving double fillers and parajumbles: these played star roles in SBI PO 2016. Practising will help you answer quickly. So get down to it!

Quantitative Aptitude: The Data Interpretation portion does not require heavy calculations but helps you to score, so deal with these questions first if you can.

Practice simplification and approximation exhaustively: these involve simple but lengthy working. Concentration is the key. These questions carry high weightage, so work those mental muscles!

A LOT of this paper is basic arithmetic, and the right practice should have got you fast and accurate by now. Quickly work those pairs: percentages and averages, ratios and proportions, simple and compound interests, profit and loss, time and distance. 12-15 marks are yours if you are good with arithmetic.

Reasoning Ability: Don’t get confused when the intention of the entire section is to confuse you.

It would be reasonable to suggest extra attention, in this order, to syllogism, inequality, coding – decoding, linear arrangement, circular seating arrangement, and puzzles.

Use Venn diagrams to get a clear picture. Don’t let lengthy problems scare you: you just have to follow the thread of thought and reason.

The SBI PO 2017 Main Exam

You will have to face this exam if you have qualified in the prelims. Keep up the practice in high gear as the 4th of June will be on its way soon too. Time does not stand still!

Reasoning & Computer Aptitude: This section is part of the changed pattern introduced in 2016. Out of the 45 questions allotted to this section, you can expect around 35 questions in Reasoning Ability. Follow the prelim prep pattern of preparing for RA.

Computer Aptitude is at a moderate level of difficulty. Concentrate on conversions from Binary to decimal and vice-versa.

Data Analysis and Interpretation: This is an important section which covers 23% of the test, yet carries 30% of the marks.

Your prelim preparation in QA should come handy here: percentages,
averages, ratios, and proportion will be the tools for data interpretation. Extensive practice, under the guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable trainer, should have trained you for mental calculations by now. Pen and paper calculations will eat into precious time. Avoid them!

You should also be a master of approximation/ substitution as a way of eliminating wrong choices.

General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness: Awareness cannot be difficult in today’s connected world. Start reading the papers. Get on the internet and get aware.

Read up on the following:
History of banking, and terms used in the financial world. DSCR is not a kind of TV: it stands for Debt Service Coverage Ratio. Get on the ‘net and learn those terms.

Current fiscal and monetary policies, especially those following the budget of February 2017.

Read the newspaper especially the financial sections to be aware of current events. Google cards are a great way to be current, just choose your cards for relevance rather than entertainment: put your smartphone to good use.

English: If you’ve reached the halls of the Mains exam, you have good competence in English. So keep up the good work of the prelims.

However, there is still an area covered by English proficiency, and that is the ‘long answer’ version in the Descriptive Test, which covers essay and letter writing. The fight is for 50 marks in ½ an hour. Don’t make the mistake of taking this too lightly as it may prove to be the deal-maker if you have cleared the objective test in the mains. Your ‘Awareness’ preparation should help you with the possible topics.

There is a whole lot of advice on which questions to tackle first and which topic is more important than the other. But do NOT waste invaluable time deciding this. Jump in and move on when you are in the danger of getting stuck. There is NO MERIT, and there are NO MARKS for useless effort.

DO NOT GUESS: negative marking can pull your ranking down. It’s better to leave a blank.

Team TalentSprint sends you all the best wishes for success!

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