Calculation Tricks IV- Finding Squares of Numbers between 76 and 125 in IBPS PO Exam

In this post we will discuss how to calculate squares of numbers from 76 to 125 the smart way for IBPS PO Exam 

Finding Squares
Are you appearing for IBPS PO Exam? You know all the concepts but are unable to solve the right number of questions in the given time? Are you looking for some calculation tricks? Then this post is exclusively for you! Because the ability to do speedy calculations is a skill that will gives you an upper hand over your competitors. Read on to discover this super simple way of finding squares.
So here the 13th blog posts in a series of smart methods that will help you solve questions with calculation tricks in 5- 10 seconds that would otherwise take 30- 45 seconds.
Finding Square

What are Squares?

In mathematics, a square number or the perfect square is an integer that is obtained by multiplying the number with itself; in other words, it is the product of some integer with the same integer. For example, 16 is a square number, since it can be written as 4 × 4.
Finding Square

Example of a Question on Finding Squares

What is the square of 89?
1) 7921      2)6481      3) 8181      4) 7981      5) None of these

Conventional Method of Finding Squares

Go back to school and recall the method you were taught for finding squares of numbers. It involved copious amount of paper work where you would multiply the number with itself, 89 in this case, and reach the answer of 7921 in about 10 seconds. Do we approve this method? No! It’s not a good idea to spend so much time on a calculation that is merely a part of a question. Time get some calculation tricks up your sleeves.

Smart Method of Finding Squares

With the presumption that you know squares of numbers verbatim till 25 along with the expansion of (a+ b)2 let us now discuss the smart method of finding squares.

Step 1:
(a +  b)2= a2 + 2ab + b2
Step 2:
N2= (100 + y)2= 502 + (2x 100x y) + y2
Step 3:
N2= 10000 + 200y +y2
Step 4:
 (89)2= (100 – 11)2= 10000- (200 x 11) + 121= 1000 – 2200+ 121= 7921
Simple and quick without lots of paperwork and multiplying big numbers which can be nerve racking in an exam. 

Finding Square

Finding Square
Watch our expert faculty explain this smart method.
Use these simple calculation tricks to find squares of the following numbers-
Question 1: What is the square of 93?
1) 7979      2) 8649      3) 6729      4) 9129      5) None of these
Question 2: What is the square of 113?
1) 13459      2) 10129      3) 14539      4) 12769      5) None of these
Remember to leave your answer in the comments below along with the time you took in finding squares.

Stay tuned for more smart methods and remember to keep practicing!
Finding Square

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