Calculation Tricks I- Quickly Multiplying Big Numbers with 5 in IBPS PO Exam

Calculation Tricks

Calculation Tricks, especially those that help you in multiplying big numbers, can save your day in Competitive Exams.                          

SBI PO, IBPS PO Exam, SSC Exam, Insurance Exams, Railway Recruitment Board Exams… Irrespective of the exam that you are appearing for, calculation tricks is a basic need in all competitive exams.  We all know that multiplying big numbers can be quite difficult and time consuming because the only difference between candidates who get selected and candidates who don’t get selected is use of smart methods to solve problems.
So in this series of blog posts about smart methods, this is the 9th trick that will help you solve questions in 5- 10 seconds that would otherwise take 30- 45 seconds.

calculation tricks

Why do you Need Calculation Tricks?

One strength that every competitive exam aspirant should have is swift and accurate calculations since this skill can save you a lot of valuable time in any exam! The expertise in multiplying big numbers can come very handy and help you get closer to the cut off. Here we will discuss how to smartly multiply any given with 5.

A Question where Calculation Tricks Come Handy

436x 5 = ?
1) 2560      2)2180      3)2340      4) 2460      5) None of these

Conventional Method of Multiplying Big Numbers with 5

So how do you generally react on reading a question like this? Pick up a pen and paper and multiply 436 with 5 using the regular method where 5 is first multiplied with 6, you write the units value and carry forward the tens value and you continue doing the same till you get the answer.

Step 1:
calculation tricks
This method involves paperwork and requires 15- 20 seconds!

Smart Method Using Calculation Tricks

Time to upgrade to a smart method and get things moving really quickly! For multiplying big numbers with 5 can be done sans any paper work by just replacing 5 with 10/2. So all you need to do is divide the given number by 2 and multiply the result with 10 which is just adding a zero.

Step 1:
436x 5= 436x (10/2)
(436/2)x 10= 218x 10= 2180

calculation tricks
Simple! Quick! Less Calculation! Easy!
Why don’t you try to multiply the following numbers using this trick?
Question 1: 234 x 5 = ?
1) 1140      2)1440      3)1170      4) 1770      5) None of these
Question 2: 6317 x 5 = ?
1) 21535      2)38855      3) 22145      4) 45685      5) 31585

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Watch this video where expert faculty explains calculations tricks!

Stay tuned to this space for more smart methods to boost up your calculations.

calculation tricks

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