Do you know the answers to the 100 toughest questions for SBI PO 2017?

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With less than 4 weeks to go for the SBI PO 2017 exams you should have covered the three sections that comprise of reasoning ability, quantitative aptitude and English language. Considering the SBI PO 2017 is a time based test with a total of 100 questions you need to be quick to answer the questions as well as accurate to ensure you do not lose ¼ point for every wrong answer.

As you prepare for the SBI PO exams with the above in mind, it may seem to be a daunting task. The best thing to do is to concentrate on your study plan for the exam and ensure you achieve what you set out to achieve on that day. Along with the preparations remember to mark the sections that have proved to be challenging for you and set aside time to revise them and to solve more SBI PO questions in those areas.

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As the pressure builds remember that it is not necessary to score the highest marks in the SBI PO Prelim exams, instead your focus should be on ensuring that you score above the cut off marks in each of the three sections as well as on the whole. The best way to overcome this hurdle is to complete the syllabus and then to solve SBI PO questions. This can be done by solving more questions in the areas that you found challenging while preparing and by taking mock tests. Mock tests can be taken online but it is important to mimic exam conditions when you take a mock test. Also remember to time yourself accurately to ensure that you are able to complete the test within the time provided. These tests typically provide you with SBI PO expected questions as mock tests cover questions from the previous years’ exam papers.

While you are taking the tests and solving SBI PO expected questions there is an interesting offer that will give you an edge in your preparations. There is a compilation of the 100 toughest questions that you can expect in the SBI PO 2017. To ensure complete authenticity these 100 questions have been hand-picked by Sylvia and Rohit who have trained over 5600 successful candidates for the SBI PO. The questions themselves prove to be the ones that are known to trip the students. Along with the questions the answers are also provided in video format so that there is no scope for error in understanding the answer. Having solved there questions you will be able to walk into the examination centre with confidence.  After all you have answered questions hand-picked by the experts in training students for the SBI PO exam. The list of the 100 toughest questions will be released at 4PM on April 12, with just enough time to solve these questions before the start of the SBI PO 2017 exam. Further, only 10,000 copies of these questions are available for candidates. There is an option to pre-order these questions immediately ensuring you waste no time to complete your preparation. TO pre-order select the below link:

While the price of this limited edition questions is Rs. 270 you can buy them on offer as detailed below.

Upto April 12th – Rs. 90 which translates to a discount of 67%
Between April 13th and 17th – Rs. 180 which translates a discount of 33%
Between April 18th and 29th – Rs. 270

Further you need to remember that there are only 10,000 copies of the questions so in case they are sold out you will not have access to the toughest questions for SBI PO 2017.

Take advantage of this golden opportunity to get one up on your pears and be better prepared before you enter the SBI PO examination!

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