How to Solve Problems on Age by Using the Verification Method

Problems on age will never be the same once you start using the verification method to solve them Bank Exams 

Problems on Age
Verification method is a simple and quick way of solving problems on age in all competitive exams. We know that problems based on age are an integral part of the syllabus of exams like IBPS SO and SSC Exams. In this blog, post we will be discussing this method after which problems on age will never scare you anymore!
So here is the 14th post in the series of blog posts about smart methods that will help you solve questions in 5- 10 seconds that would otherwise take 30- 45 seconds.
Problems on Age

What are Problems on Age?

Problems on age are algebra based word problems that establish a relationship between the past, current or future ages of people. In such problems for the answer we usually have to find the current age of the people as a solution. Since the mathematical relationship between can be a little overwhelming our teachers in school taught us to make a table, form equations and then solve it for the answer.

Formulas for Problems on Age

1. If the current age is x, then n times the age   

Problems on Age
2. If the current age is x, then age n years later/hence 

Problems on Age
3. If the current age is x, then age n years ago

Problems on Age
4. The ages in a ratio a : b will be 

Problems on Age
5. If the current age is x, then 
Problems on Age

Example of Problems on Age

Ages of Ajay and Vijay are in the ratio of 2:3 respectively. Six years hence, the ratio of their
ages will become 11:15 respectively. What will be Ajay’s present age?
1)15 years      2) 24 years      3)16 years      4)35 years      5) None of these

Conventional Method to Solve Problems on Age

Our usual approach to problems like these starts with assuming the age of Ajay and Vijay to be A and V respectively and considering the given ratio between them as 2:3, we write their ages as

Step 1:
A: V= 2: 3= 2y : 3y
We know that after 6 years their current ages are in the ratio of 11: 15, so we form the equation

Step 2:
(2y+ 6)/ (3y+ 6)= 11/ 15
What follows next is cross multiplying and solving the equation

Step 3:
15 (2y+ 6)= 11 (3y+ 6)

Step 4:
30+ 90= 33y+ 66

Step 5:
3y= 24

Step 6:
y = 8

Step 7:
Hence the present age of Ajay is 2y= 16
Without doubt the answer is correct, but take a look at the number of steps involved! Definitely not a good idea when you are racing against time.

Smart Method to Solve Problems on Age

Let’s now look at a smarter and quicker method with lesser steps! One of the smartest ways to solve a multiple choice question is by making use of the options and working backwards by eliminating them rather than solving the question and then reaching the correct answer- the verification method.
We know the ratio between Ajay and Vijay’s is 2:3, which means that Ajay’s current age has to be a multiple of 2. Now look at the options, we can easily eliminate option (1) and (4) since aren’t multiples of 2.
Based on the given conditions we know let’s use the verification method-

Step 1:
(2y+ 6)/ (3y+ 6)= 11/15; This implies after 6 years Ajay’s age must be a multiple of 11

Step 2:
Based on option (2) A= 24, So age after 6 years= 24+ 6= 30, which is not a multiple of 11

Step 3:
Based on option (3) A= 16, So age after 6 years= 16+ 6= 22, which is a multiple of 11
3 quick steps with minimal possible calculation and minimum possible calculation and we reach our answer. Isn’t it wonderful! 
Watch our expert faculty explain this smart method.
Try the following questions by using the verification method to solve problems on age-
Question 1: Ages of Arun and Deepak are in the ratio of 2:1 respectively. 3 years hence, the
ratio of their ages will become 5:3 respectively. What will be Arun’s present age?
1)15 years      2) 12 years      3) 20 years      4) 30 years      5) None of these
Question 2: Present ages of Sameer and Anand are in the ratio of 5:4 respectively. Three
years hence, the ratio of their ages will become 11:9 respectively. What is Anand’s present
age in years?
1) 24 years      2) 27 years      3) 30 years      4) 40 years      5) None of these
Do write your answer in the comments below and tell us how long it took you to solve problems on age using the verification method.

Keep reading, Keep watching and Keep Practicing the smart way!
Problems on Age

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