What is an Equation?

Be SBI PO, IBPS PO, SSC CGL, Insurance Exams, Railway Recruitment Board Exams or any other competitive exam, math equations are asked in all competitive exams.

what is an Equation
While preparing for competitive exams, one topic that you definitely cannot afford to skip is Math Equations. Questions from Math Equations can be both- simple and complex, so let us start right from the scratch and discuss what is an equation and the different kinds of math equations. The ability to solve math equations will guarantee that you can easily solve questions on topics like Averages, Ratio and Proportion, Problems on Ages and many more.
what is an Equation

What is an Equation?

An equation is a mathematical statement that equates the given conditions by expressing them in a mathematical expression with variables. The two conditions to be equated are written on either sides and then a ‘=’ (equal to) sign is put between them.          
What is an Equation

What are the Elements in Math Equations?

An equation is made up of many elements like- variables, co- efficient, constant, expression and operator.
A variable is an alphabet that denotes a number that varies/ changes from situation to situation of a known mathematical question or experiment. Some common alphabets used as variables in math equations are- x, y, z
A co- efficient is a number that is written before a variable and multiplied with it. For example, when you write ‘5x + 11’, 5 is the co- efficient of x.
A constant is a number on its own whose value does not change. Math Equations are a combination of variables and constants.  Do not confuse a constant with a co-efficient because constants are terms without variables. For example, when you write ‘5x + 11’, 11 is the constant.
An expression is a combination of constants, co-efficient, variables and operator. However you must not mix it up with an equation because unlike math equations expressions do not equate two conditions, they only represent a condition. For example, ‘5x + 11’ is an expression.
An operator in math equations symbolizes a mathematical operation like addition or subtraction. For example, when you write the expression ‘5x + 11’ + is the operator in this expression.
what is an Equation
With these terms in place, now you what is an equation. Let’s discuss what the different kinds of math equations are.

What are Linear Equations?

Math Equations where the highest power of a variable is one are called a linear equation. In a linear equation the variable does not occur in any other power, however there is no cap on the number of variables in math equations.
The general forms of linear equations are –
what is an Equation
Here x, y and z are variables and a, b, c and d are constants.

 What are Quadratic Equations?

Math Equations where the highest power of a variable is two are called a quadratic equation. The other powers are positive integers, so it is actually a second degree polynomial equated to zero.
The general from of quadratic equations is-
What is an Equation


Here x is the only variable and a, b and c are constants and a not equal to zero.
Now that you know what is an equation, time to move to the next part the series where we will discuss how to solve math equations.
What is an equation

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