What will be the expected cut-off for SBI PO 2017?

SBI Cut Off Score

The SBI PO cut-off scores are typically declared along with the results each year. The PO preliminary exam cut-off system is put in place to ensure that the deserving candidates move forward in the selection process to the main exam and then to the group discussion and interview. While there is no assured way to determine the SBI PO cut-off score for 2017 we analyse how best to gain an understanding of what to expect for 2017.

The best way to judge the cut off marks for the SBI PO preliminary exam is to analyse the following:

  1. The SBI PO cut-off score for 2016 
  2. Understand the matrix between the number of vacancies and the number of applicants for 2017 
  3. Other factors which may influence the SBI PO cut-off score

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Before we analyze what could be the SBI PO cut-off score for 2017, exam-takes need to be clear that there are two sets of cut-off score thresholds that everyone needs to beat, the sectional cut-off and the overall cut-off. The overall cut-off is the combined score of all the three papers, while the sectional cut-off is the score in each of the three individual papers.

  1. The SBI PO cut-off score for 2016
    The previous year’s performance and cut-off scores give a good sense of where the cut-off is likely to be based. After all for purposes of continuity the cut-off is likely to be maintained at around the same level. For 2016 the cut-off in the general category was 47.50 out of 100, for OBC candidates it was 44.50, for SC’s it was 38.75, and for ST’s the total cut-off was 29.15. For the orthopedically challenged applicants it was 36, for the visually and hearing challenged aspirants the cut-off was 37 and 15.75 respectively. 
  2. Understand the matrix between the number of vacancies and the number of expected candidates writing the exam in 2017

    The SBI PO cut-off marks are determined based on the following factors:

    Number of applicants: With an increase in the number of applicants registering for the SBI PO preliminary exam the cut-off score in bound to increase.

    Number of vacancies: The higher the number of vacancies will result in the cut-off scores being reduced and vice-versa. With the reduction in the number of vacancies the cut-off scores are likely to be raised. For 2017, there are 2,400 vacancies.

    The difficulty level of the exam: When a sense that a more complex paper has been set prevails with the applicants as well as with the examination board the cut-off limit is likely to be reduced to set-off the probability that fewer applicants would clear the first step in becoming SBI Probationary Officers.

    Performance of the aspirants: The examination board will also study the average performance of the aspirants who have appeared for the exam and then determine the minimum score level above which applicants can be considered.

    Marking scheme: As you are aware the SBI PO preliminary exam has three sections, English language, Quantitative aptitude, and Reasoning ability. These three sections will have 30, 35 and 35 questions respectively and each question carries one mark. However, for every wrong answer one fourth of the points are deducted from the total score. The scores from the three sections add to 100 marks. However, if the applicant gets one answer wrong from the 100 questions, his/her total will be reduced to 98.75 and not 99 as commonly expected. This is important to note as the total that an applicant scores will vary with every wrong answer.

  3.  Any other factors that may influence the SBI PO cut-off score
    While there is no specific influences the SBI PO cut-off score can vary for a host of reasons depending on the level of aspirants taking the exam as well as unrelated specifics that the examination board deems important. 

While speculation will continue regarding the cut-off in the SBI PO preliminary exam it is most important that the aspirants focus on preparing for the exam rather than worry about the cut-off. We invite your comments on the same and wish you all the best for the upcoming exams.

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