How To Improve Your English Vocabulary To Get Job Ready

English vocabulary

Language is a key indicator of how educated, professional or well-learned a person is. Yet, despite being technically quite sound, a lot of us struggle with effective communication skills. One of the key factors for this is the lack of a good English vocabulary. Learning new words and applying them in our everyday lives, is essential to improving our English language skills.

Updating your English vocabulary on a regular basis is an important language skill. The key objective is to learn specific ways to improve our English vocabulary while making the learning fun for ourselves.

Let us apply these simple but fun ways to improve our English vocabulary to enhance our chances of not just getting a job but having a successful career too.

Playing Fun Vocabulary Games Online

It is not only fun but it also motivates and stimulates your brain. sets the platform for a quick refresher to understand words in its context and also helps you register their meanings.

Websites like have reward points associated with these games, giving you a sense of accomplishment. It has games that practice grammar, English vocabulary, reading, spelling, pronunciation and listening skills. And the best part about these games is that it has different levels which ensure you don’t just learn but continue to grow and excel in the usage of words.

Learn New Words From Their Roots

Root words are the basic words in the English language that have been derived from Latin and Greek words. For example, the root word ‘mis’, is a Latin root word meaning wrong, mistaken or ill. Few example of words from the same are; misprint, mistrust, mistrial, misconception, misinterpretation, mistake, misleading, misplaced.

Learn To Apply New Words Understanding Their Word Class

Knowing the word class like whether the word is an adverb, an adjective, a noun or a verb form helps. What are the various forms of that particular word class? One word can have more than 1 adjective or noun form.

For e.g., let’s take the verb, ‘promote’. The noun forms are promotion, promoter, promotability, and promotiveness. Likewise, the adjective forms are promotable, promotional and promotive.

See how many variations we arrived at for that one verb ‘promote’ by understanding the word class and the different forms in a single word class?

Further, learn the synonyms and antonyms of that word. Understand its meaning and its application in its context. Then create your own sentences to help register this word’s applicability for future use. This is a continuous process and if followed consistently will yield positive results.

It’s high time you increased your English vocabulary and we just saw some fun and interesting ways to do just that.

Apart from this, if you are someone who learns new words just by reading novels, magazines or blogs and articles then you should do that on a regular basis. When it becomes a habit, you can be assured that your English vocabulary will improve thereby increasing your confidence level which in turn will enhance your chances of getting a job.
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