Is Posting Profile On Job Portals In India Sufficient For Freshers?

Job Portals In India

With unsuccessful campus recruitments, freshers are forced to look at other sources for getting placed. Their first instinct is to create profiles on all major Job Portals in India like Naukri, Monster, etc. But here the big question – Is that enough?

The answer is a simple ‘No’.

In this competitive world, it would never be enough to limit your job search to just job portals in India. Let us take a quick look at a few other options.

  1. Job Fairs
    Job Fair is a unique model which allows job seekers to meet, interact and interview with several top employers under one roof. If the right steps are taken, you could land a job by the end of the day, however, owing to the mass approach angle of a job fair, job seeking and recruiting, freshers may find it difficult to make the cut. While some may find the environment loud and crowded making it a challenge to communicate, ask questions or even fill out an application, others may not want to put themselves through the aggressive job fair networking approach and the grueling long hours that will be required of them.
  2. LinkedInLinkedIn is a networking platform for professionals. It’s a great space for one to establish virtual rapport if they reach out to the right people. However, identifying the decision makers and approaching them may not be easy. You need to, firstly, have a brilliant profile in place to back up your skills, qualifications, and experience and to be able to make an impression.Explore the various options available on LinkedIn to find jobs.

    a) LinkedIn’s Job Search Portal: The job portal allows you to filter jobs through keywords, companies, titles, location, and industry.
    b) Update Feed: You’ll find recruiters, hiring managers and HRs posting vacancies in their companies with a link to the description of the role to be filled on their update feeds.
    c) Groups: Once you are a member of a group, the jobs menu within each group opens you up to both job listings and job discussions.
    d) Company Pages: The company pages, on the other hand, has a listing of open jobs at the company or a link to the company’s employment portal on its website where all the open positions are listed.

  3. Social Media
    Social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter etc., offers cost effective job hunting means. Let everybody know that you are looking for a job. It’s all about marketing yourself and taking advantage of the online tools. Restructure your profile and customize it to the job you seek and consistently engage to stand out.
  4. Recruitment Agencies
    Recruitment agencies are also a good source to support your job search. Specialist consultancies often have a good knowledge of the industries and provide tips that might boost your application process. As they are well connected, your resume can be distributed to a range of employers. They help prepare your resume, apply for relevant jobs suited to your job profile and get you set for the interviews. But ensure you don’t solely rely on them.

Having addressed the fact that posting profiles on job portals in India alone is not sufficient, lets also recognize the necessity of job portals and address few key questions on the same.

Why Are Job Portals Important?


  1. Popular and widely used tool by companies and recruiters
  2. It provides you the ease to submit and edit your resumes and apply for specific jobs
  3. Easy data collection and storage feature – helps in completing tasks comfortably and quickly
  4. No fee


What does it take to get noticed on Job Portals?


  1. Change how you think and act differently so you get hired faster.
  2. Have the right keywords on your resume as per the target industry.

What should a fresher do AFTER posting his/her resume on Job Portals?

  1. Update your resume regularly to match the changing demands of the industry.
  2. Contact the companies to check if they received your resume especially to negate the option of it getting directed to a spam folder.
  3. If you have the opportunity to speak to someone from the company, ask for more details regarding the screening process and move forward accordingly.
  4. Know the best method to reach the employer whether via regular mail, e-mail, or a phone call. Follow up with a compelling cover letter with new information that adds to your candidacy or a polite e-mail reiterating your strong interest in the job.
  5. Explore other options and don’t limit yourself to only one or two options to apply for a job.
Well, now that you know how to apply for jobs apart from just submitting your resume on job portals, make sure that you are job-ready.
Is Posting Profile On Job Portals Sufficient For Freshers button 1 - Is Posting Profile On Job Portals In India Sufficient For Freshers?


Is Posting Profile On Job Portals Sufficient For Freshers button 2 - Is Posting Profile On Job Portals In India Sufficient For Freshers?


Is Posting Profile On Job Portals Sufficient For Freshers button 3 - Is Posting Profile On Job Portals In India Sufficient For Freshers?
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I am a fresher. I don’t know which site has to approach. By your ideas, I searched for Jobs in the above sites and jobads is good to know about interviews, exam dates and much more.