Most Beautiful Words In English Language And How They Came Into Existence

Beautiful Words In English

The English Language is universal. This very statement says it all. It has borrowed words from Latin, Greek, Spanish, Sanskrit, French, German and many more languages from across the world. With so many beautiful words in English language, no one is complaining but why would they, especially when it adds to the richness and variety of the language. Though the language continues to evolve and dictionaries become heavier to carry around, our thirst to master the language and expand our vocabulary only gets voracious.

The sheer magnitude of words absorbed into the English language is astounding. Have you been bogged down when you come across words like ‘discombobulate’ or ‘hullaballoo’? It would be interesting to find out the origin of these words and how they came into being. But what would be far more interesting is to know that the much simpler, day to day words that we are familiar with, also have an equally interesting story of origin.

Allow me to intrigue your senses with a handful of those fascinating words.

Beautiful Words In English
Origin: From the  Greek word ‘onoma’ meaning name and ‘an’ means ‘without’. 

Beautiful Words In English
Origin: From the  Greek word ‘barbaros’ meaning non-citizens, who they considered were rude, wild and uncivilized. 
Beautiful Words In English
 Origin: From the  Latin word ‘domus’ meaning home. 

Beautiful Words In English
 Origin: From the  Latin word ‘noctomus’ meaning ‘of the night’. 
Beautiful Words In English
 Origin: From the  Latin word ‘juvenis’ meaning ‘young’, ‘a young person’. 
Beautiful Words In English
 Origin: From the  Greek word ‘mythos’ which simply put can mean ‘stories’ or ‘a sacred story’. 

Beautiful Words In English
Origin: From the  Latin word ‘ignis’ meaning fire or ‘set on fire’.
If your favourite word isn’t listed here, comment below to let us know and we might do yet another post for a new set of words!
Many words in use in the English language were borrowed from other languages. They still count as being part of the English language. Click below to know what root words are and their importance from SBI PO Main exam’s point of view. Knowing this would also help in preparing for SSC CGL 2017 and other similar competitive exams with the English language as one of the subjects that you get tested on.
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