SBI PO Descriptive Paper I: 4 Things to Remember while Writing an Essay

The SBI PO Descriptive Paper for the mains is a crucial step before you finally crack the exam and get the job. Read on to discover some tips and tricks that will help you write a better essay in the SBI PO Descriptive Paper.

SBI PO Descriptive Paper
The SBI PO Descriptive paper is divided in two parts- Essay writing and Letter writing. The selected candidates have to write an essay and a letter in the SBI PO descriptive paper in 30 minutes. The SBI PO descriptive paper, which is of 50 marks, is divided in 2 parts- Essay Writing and Letter Writing. We have a blog series for the SBI PO descriptive paper where we will discuss tips and tricks that will help you score maximum marks in this paper along with a list of the most expected topics for SBI PO descriptive paper.
SBI PO Descriptive Paper

SBI PO Descriptive Paper- Essay Writing

In SBI PO Descriptive paper, the essay is for 30 marks and you are expected to write anything between 250- 350 words. As per the paper pattern there are three topics and you have to write on one form amongst them. This word limit in the SBI PO descriptive paper is very tricky because you must remember not to say too little or too much but just strike the appropriate balance between the two ends. Most of the Essay topics in SBI PO Descriptive paper are related to current affairs or are opinion based.

4 Tips to Write a Good Essay in SBI PO Descriptive Paper

A lot of you must be wondering, what is the difference between an average essay and a good essay, and looking for SBI PO essay tips that will help you score more in this paper. So here we go!

Express your Opinion- Take a Stand

The whole idea of having an essay in the SBI PO descriptive paper is not just to see how well you can write but also your views on things that our happening around and affecting our lives. Expressing your views in the SBI PO descriptive paper indicates that your capability of analyzing situations and speculating about them too. So whether you agree or disagree with the topic, don’t be scared to express yourself and take a stand, because this will personalize your essay. You can use phrases like- in my opinion, I believe, the way I see it, that’s not always the case, I disagree and many more such phrases.

Transition- Remember the Golden Rule of 3

The rule of three is a writing principle that says- content becomes funnier, more satisfying and has more chances of being remembered by the reader if it comes in count of three. In all following this rule will make your essay in SBI PO descriptive paper more effective. So remember to have a proper introduction, body and conclusion to your essay, because doing this will make your essay more impactful. Also when listing out points in the body use words and phrases like- firstly, secondly, last but not the least, to begin with, to end with, moving on etcetera.

Connect and Correlate

As mentioned most of the topics in the SBI PO descriptive paper are about current affairs and social issues. So use this platform to correlate what you are writing in the essay with current affairs or something you read in your school textbooks. For example- when writing about demonetization mention its impact on the economy or while writing about suicide of farmers you can bring in welfare policies of various banks and steps taken by then to help farmers. Doing this will not only improve the quality of your essay but also make it rich in content.

Revise and Proofread

For the SBI PO descriptive paper, this may sound very school like and obvious, but is a must do. Firstly, you must revise and proof read what you have written and the best way to do this by reading aloud what you have written. Check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Secondly, remember to write in active voice, because writing in active voice will help you connect better with the examiner. And lastly, use transitional words and phrases as they help connect the dots and make the write up more logical series.

Watch our expert faculty explain these 4 tips-

Remember, the essay in SBI PO descriptive paper needs you to write 250-350 words, so make the most of it and follow these 4 tips to make your essay stand out!
SBI PO Descriptive Paper
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What will happen , if i have not mentioned the Question no of essay and letter in SBI PO Main descriptive ?? Will it be disqualified?

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I recently finished write my essay! So bad that I did not find your post earlier! Your Tips is very useful!! Thank 🙂