SBI PO Interview: Group Discussion and Interview Tips

After declaring the final results of SBI PO 2017 Exam, the State Bank of India (SBI) has finally begun the highly anticipated and intensifying group discussions and interviews. 

SBI PO Interview

SBI PO Interview is to test the candidate’s General Knowledge, Communication skills and ability to make informed decisions at the right time. However, the final selection will be based on the candidate’s overall performance in the interview and the Prelims and Main exams put together. A lot of candidates generally score high marks in the Prelims and Mains, making the interview highly decisive for all appearing for the bank interview.

SBI GD Topics & Interview Questions

SBI PO Group Discussion (GD) comprises of 20 marks. And the Final Interview comprises of 30 marks. The interview panel will have five members. One of them would be observing you silently till the very end. If you are appearing for the Group Discussions and interviews, make sure you carry with you all the necessary documents required at the time of the interview. It gives an impression that you have come well-prepared for the interview.

A bank job interview is a two-way communication process in which a potential employee is evaluated by an employer. On the other hand, it is an opportunity for you too as a potential employee to gather information about the job role and expectations that the bank has from you.

Group Interview Topics

  • Topics in GD are usually very generic in nature. It would help if you keep yourself abreast with the latest happenings in the country and outside. Some of the topics that are expected to be given for the GD round include ‘How is Swaach Bharat Abhiyan currently important for India?’, ‘What is your opinion on the current India China stand off?’, etc.
  • Please have a clear opinion on such topics. And express your views with the support of facts and analysis.
  • If you are unclear about the topics, let others speak first and gather ideas on it meanwhile and then express your views.
  • Generally, each member is asked to talk about the given topic for 2 minutes but the sequence may be random i.e. anyone can start the discussion followed by an open discussion for 5 minutes. 
  • You must be very clear about your views on the topics you discuss in the GD round because the panel members would be observing it closely and might ask you questions about the same during the personal interview round.

Interview Tips

  • Before the Job Interview, research, prepare and rehearse. Anticipate the questions you might be asked such as ‘Why do you want to join banking sector?’ and be ready with answers to these questions. 
  • Be prepared to questions related to your personal interests, hobbies, and places you have lived or traveled to. This is basically to test your general awareness.
  • On the day of the interview, make sure your interview attire is neat, tidy and appropriate. Women should avoid strong perfume, heavy jewelry or makeup. Men, make sure you are clean shaven, hair is cut short and shoes are well polished.
  • Plan your time so that you make it to the interview five to ten minutes early. And most importantly, don’t forget to turn off your phone before you head into the interview.
  • During the interview, start your interview with a smile – it makes the interview atmosphere pleasant and friendly. Sit only when asked to do so, sit up straight and look the interviewer right in the eye. Lean forward a bit; this shows that you are enthusiastic and curious to listen and talk. 
  • Carry a positive and a confident tone and speak with clarity. Never argue but present your point professionally. Keep in mind that the panelist has some idea about most of the fields. Don’t get distracted – make sure you maintain eye contact with your interviewer. 
  • The most important part of the interview is the question about basic banking. You may be asked about the services provided by commercial banksRole of RBIBank InterestTypes of Bank AccountsPublic BanksPrivate Banks etc.
An interview on an average lasts for 15-20 minutes. If uncertain about any question, it is safe to say so. The panel is not trying to test you on your knowledge but more on your analytical and communication skills. These interview tips will help you cover everything you need to know to successfully ace SBI PO interview.

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