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40% reservation for girls planned at Navodaya schools: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

The government has decided to offer 40 percent reservation for girls at 100 Navodaya type schools. The Minister of State for Minority Affairs, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said the government is mulling to open 100 Navodaya type schools in minority at the concentrated areas of the country. Mr Naqvi said, the reservation will also be applicable in five higher education institutes, planned by the government, for minority community students.
Jaitley calls for speedy and time-bound resolution of bad bank loans 
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today assured to the balance-sheet stressed firms that the key objective of the NPA resolution is not liquidation of their businesses but to save them. He said, the objective is to make sure that these valuable assets are preserved. Addressing an insolvency summit organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry in Mumbai, the Minister said, the new insolvency law has significantly reversed defaulting debtor-creditor relationship. Explaining the rationale for the new insolvency and bankruptcy code, IBC, he said, this was necessitated by the failure of debt recovery tribunals to effectively perform their duty after the initial success. 
Fifty Thousand km of street roads illuminated with LED lights 

Street Lighting National programme has illuminated 50 thousand Kilometers of the Indian roads with the installation of 30 lakh LED Street lights across the country. With this milestone, Energy Efficiency Services Limited, a government company has become the world’s largest street light management company. The installation of the LED street lights has resulted in saving 39 crore kilowatt/ hour of annual energy. In an official release, Power Ministry said, this programme has helped in reduction of 3.29 lakh tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.
Iraq security forces try to take back Tel Afzar
In Iraq, security forces launched an offensive to take back the city of Tal Afar. Prime Minister Haider al Abadi said, their next objective in the US backed campaign is to defeat the Islamic State terror group. In a televised speech, he advised the terrorists to either surrender or to be prepared to die. A longtime stronghold of hardline Sunni insurgents, Tal Afar, 80 kilometres west of Mosul, was cut off from the rest of the Islamic State-held territory in June. According to the US and Iraqi Military commanders, about 2,000 terrorists remain in the city. The Islamic State’s self-proclaimed caliphate collapsed last month, when the US-backed Iraqi forces completed the takeover of Mosul, after a nine-month campaign. 
India needs to grow at 9-10 percent to lift millions out of poverty: Amitabh Kant      

Niti Aayog CEO, Amitabh Kant said, India needs to grow at 
9 -10 percent per annum for the next three decades for lifting millions of people out of poverty. Speaking at an event in New Delhi today, Kant further said there is a need to make India an easy place to do business. He also said India needs to become more integral part of the global economy.
Over seven crore youth provided with bank loans under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana

Labour and Employment Minister Bandaru Dattatreya today said, over seven crore youth were provided with the bank loans under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana in the last three years. Inaugurating a mega job and loan mela at Nizamabad town in Telangana, he called upon the youth to derive benefit from government employment schemes. The minister said job and loan melas are being conducted by the Ministry of Labour and Employment across the country to enhance employment opportunities to the youth. Dattatreya said 16 such melas were conducted in Telangana so far. The Modi government aims to impart skill development training to 2 crore youth and provide jobs to one crore youth by 2020.  The Ministry of Labour and Employment has been taking a number of initiatives in this direction.  It conducted 850 job melas across the country so far and about one lakh aspirants were given job offer letters. Dattatreya called upon unemployed youth to register their names on National Carrier Service Portal to find suitable jobs for their educational qualifications
Govt exploring PPP model for handling e-waste commercially

The government is exploring the possibility of setting up an eco-park under public-private partnership mode to make research and development in e-waste recycling, commercially viable. The environment ministry has told the parliamentary panel, such eco-park could provide a system for channelization of e-waste for environmentally sound recycling in the organized sector by bringing together formal and informal sector. The environment ministry has said, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has informed that in order to make the e-waste recycling R&D processes commercially viable, an effort would be made to explore the possibility to set up eco-park under PPP by providing infrastructure and training tools.
IISc: Copper-coated membrane makes drinking water safe         

There is an age-old practice of storing drinking water in copper vessels to filter the bacteria from water. Scientific evidence of copper vessel’s antibacterial property, became available in March 2012 when a paper in the Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition found that the water stored in copper vessels for 16 hours killed pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli and cholera causing Vibrio cholera O1, and Salmonella species. Now, researchers at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bengaluru have developed a water-filter membrane with copper ions to make drinking water safe. The results were published in the journal Nanoscale. A team of researchers led by Prof. Suryasarathi Bose from the Department of Materials Engineering at IISc made the commonly used polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) water-filter membrane to prevent biofouling and kill bacteria. To do this they first made the inert PVDF membrane functional by blending it with a polymer (styrene maleic anhydride or SMA).
Big asteroid to pass safely by Earth on September 1: NASA       

A large near-Earth asteroid will pass safely by our planet on September 1, at a distance of seven million kilometres, or about 18 Earth Moon distance, according to NASA. Asteroid Florence is among the largest near-Earth asteroids that are several miles in size. Measurements from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope and NEOWISE mission indicate that it is about 4.4 kilometres in size. While many known asteroids have passed nearer to Earth than Florence, all of those were estimated to be smaller, said Paul Chodas, manager of NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS).
Usain Bolt rules out return to the track

Usain Bolt took an emotional final bow on the track at the end of the World Championships on Sunday. Before declaring that, definitely and definitively, there was no way he would ever return to sprinting. No, I’ve seen too many people come back and make things worse and shame themselves. I won’t be one of those people who come back, Bolt said firmly. Already he was looking forward to an exciting future, he said, with his management camp talking to IAAF President Sebastian Coe, about what he might be able to do for the sport in an ambassadorial capacity.

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