IBPS PO Preparation – How To Crack IBPS PO Exam in 60 Days

IBPS PO Preparation

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) has released the IBPS PO 2017 Exam calendar early this year. According to the notification released by the IBPS, the IBPS PO 2017 Exam will be conducted in the month of October.

IBPS PO Preparation
IBPS PO Exam Schedule

The notification for registration for IBPS PO 2017 has not been released yet. However, with the IBPS PO Exam just 2 months away, the Bank PO job aspirants are expected to have started their IBPS PO Preparation already.

IBPS PO Preparation

Many of our students and free users accessing our content have been asking us how they should make the best use of the remaining days for the IBPS PO preparation.

We would ideally advise our students to prepare for a minimum of 6-9 months for any competitive exam. However, since the time is short, we have identified the 2 ideal approaches, solely depending on the date of the exam and the number of days left to prepare for IBPS PO.

IBPS PO Preparation – Key Expectations From Students

Some of the key expectations that we place before the aspirants are:

  1. should be ready to spend not less than 50 hours a week till the IBPS PO exam
  2. prepare with full dedication, focus, and commitment
  3. should have access to best in-class content & online practice models

If you believe that you are committed to points 1 and 2 above, we are here to provide the number 3 for you.

IBPS PO 2017 Exam Pattern

According to the IBPS PO Notification last year, IBPS PO follows a two-stage process, both conducted only through online mode:
  1. IBPS PO Preliminary Exam
  2. IBPS PO Main Exam

Since the IBPS PO Notification 2017 has not yet been released, let us assume the IBPS PO Exam Pattern remains the same as last year.

IBPS PO Preparation
IBPS PO Exam Pattern (Prelims)

IBPS PO Preparation
IBPS PO Exam Pattern (Mains)

IBPS PO Syllabus

Before we get into the IBPS PO preparation plan, let us first look at the important topics to be focused on:

IBPS PO Preparation
IBPS PO Syllabus

IBPS PO Preparation Plan – The 2 Ideal Approaches

With a focus on the IBPS PO Prelims, let us break down the 2 ideal approaches for preparing for IBPS PO.

Ideally, preparation for IBPS PO exam should include – IBPS PO Preparation, Revision, Practice and IBPS PO Mock Tests. Find below the IBPO PO Preparation Plan for the next 60 days.

IBPS PO Preparation
IBPS PO Preparation Plan

IBPS PO Preparation – 60 Days Study Plan

In the 60-days IBPS PO Preparation Plan, you have a reasonable amount of time, but not too long to cover everything that is required. As 60 days gives you just the necessary time to Prepare, Revise and Practice.

IBPS PO Preparation 

IBPS PO Preparation has two parts – Basic Preparation and Revision.

Basic Preparation (200 hours):
The Objective of basic preparation is to have the concepts understood. One should go through the basic concepts, shortcuts as well as practice exercises to test your understanding on the entire IBPS PO Syllabus.

  • Go through the 400+ video lessons on Talentsprint YouTube channel, across all Quant, Reasoning, and English topics. (100 hours)
  • Participate in 4-5 YouTube live classes during the two months. (15 hours)
  • Set aside 1 hr a day to go through the pdfs. pertaining to Word Power, Synonyms & Antonyms, Current Affairs, Computer & Marketing terms etc. (30 hours)
  • Set aside 1 hr a day towards reading newspapers, articles of importance etc. (30 hours)
  • Go through the shortcut videos across various sections. (25 hours)

Revision (60 hours):
The revision has to be done on important topics and specifically, those which you find are difficult to follow.

  • Solve IBPS PO practice question papers. (40 hours)
  • Identify the topics that you find are difficult & revise the same till you are confident. (20 hours)

Practice for IBPS PO

Practice for IBPS PO is the most important area that one needs to focus on. While Full-Length Tests are good, it is important that one also takes on Section Tests as well as Topic Tests to understand your strengths and weakness.

Practice Tests (Section/Topic Level) (70 hours):
Ideally, one should take a minimum of 10 section level tests for each of the sections viz. Quant, Reasoning, and English. This will take you around 50 hours. If time permits, you can take some topic-specific tests which you have identified as difficult in your IBPS PO preparation.

Mock Tests (Full Tests) (70 hours):
Here again, we suggest a two-pronged approach. One is to solve IBPS PO previous year’s question papers and other is to take up fresh IBPS PO mock tests.

  • Solve at least 20 IBPS PO previous year question papers. (20 hours)
  • Take at least 20 other new IBPS PO Mock Tests. (20 hours)

And spend the remaining time analysing your performance and start the entire process all over again, based on the topics and sections that you have identified as difficult while solving these IBPS PO mock tests.

Ideally, this practice needs to be done ONLINE and in an interface like that of the IBPS PO Prelims examination.

With Talentsprint, students have the opportunity not only to do all these practices but also get analytical reports based on their performance in the weekly IBPS PO mock tests. Which can be used to understand your areas of strengths and weaknesses and can be acted upon through proper IBPS PO preparation and revision. Sign up NOW!

IBPS PO Preparation
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